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A selection of our most innovative products for the care and cultivation of Marijuana. We sell cheap and high quality items, in addition to having a team of experts who will advise you throughout the process.

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We offer you the largest selection of seeds: feminized, autoflowering and regular, from the best seed banks such as Sweet Seeds, Dinafem, Dutch Pasion, Sheer Seeds, and Eva Seeds, among others. We have the largest catalog of seeds in the world! And at the cheapest price you can find in 2022.


Whether you want to grow indoors or outdoors, you should make good decisions when buying cannabis growing products. As substrates, fertilizers for marijuana and exotic plants, additives, pots, trays, measuring instruments, tools, lighting and much more!


These products are organic or inorganic substances that increase the substrate quality of our crop. They contain in their interior the necessary food so that our plants develop perfectly. Here you will find a large selection of different fertilizers and fertilizers.


The lighting control systems for indoor cultivation or also called indoor cultivation,  They are a solution designed to regulate the programmed, supervised and managed light that our marijuana plants collect from one or more central computing devices. 


Finding out the key moment to harvest our crop is usually a key point in the quality that our buds will obtain. Therefore, in this category you can acquire all the necessary tools to make this last process of the crop much easier, making your job easier.


In this category you can find a wide variety of items for smokers such as cigarette paper of all types and sizes, lighters or lighters, ashtrays, decorated trays, grinders, various kinds of bongs, hookahs, accessories, BHO pipes, and ... Much more!


The Vapers they are an apparatus with which we extract essential oils through heat, instead of the substance we are going to inhale burning, as happens when lighting a cigarette, with the vaporizer We will use the heat that the device causes to evaporate the active substances.


Complete kits for amateurs and experts in the cultivation of marijuana that include everything you may need to establish your cultivation both indoors and outdoors. You can find from: lighting systems, irrigation systems, different sets of products on offer, etc ...


In this category, we talk about paraphernalia when we refer to the complements, accessories and merchandising for smokers of this wonderful plant. You will be able to find a wide variety of precision scales, concealment products, accessories, games, parapharmacy and cannabis food, etc ...

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In Cogolandia.com we are cannabis cultivation specialists both indoor and outdoor, having a extensive catalog of products to grow. On this website you can buy high quality cannabis seeds, as well as articles related to cannabis cultivation.

We like a job well done, so podWe presume to have a great team of professionals who will advise and resolve any questions without any commitment, since the full satisfaction of our customers is our highest priority.

How to choose the best Grow Shop for your crop?

The best Grow Shop in Spain is that place where you feel at home, where you can buy marijuana seeds, as well as accessories for indoor and / or outdoor cultivation, with personalized advice. 

When making such purchases online, It is important that you find a trusted site where you know that they will treat you well, advise on what you need and have quality products.

There are many people who, due to ignorance or not buying what they really need, see how their crops do not end up going well, getting them to discourage and stop cultivating. The good thing about receiving professional advice from experts in the field, is that you can receive information about what is best for you at all times and circumstances without having to spend more for it.

Therefore We recommend you buy your products at Grow Shop Cogolandia Your Grow Grow Shop!

Marijuana cultivation legality

La marihuana (at least outside our borders) is on its way to changing its status, from being prohibited and persecuted, to its legalization. Many countries like the United States, with the legalization of marijuana in California, have already approved its therapeutic and recreational use. For a substance that has been recorded that was already consumed 8.000 years ago in China and in Ancient Rome, move from the prohibition to tolerance and tolerance to legalization It is a great step in his changing history between permissiveness and persecution. But how is the legal situation in Spain?

Current situation of marijuana in Spain

In Spain, the debate has been opened for a few years, with proposals aimed at legalize therapeutic and even recreational use, although the latter seems too far away, at least, at the moment. The big picture for legalization of marijuana In our country it seems that it is going in slow motion due to the slowness of the process, the objective is obvious, it is intended to gain enough time to change strategy or distract society so that these procedures end as late as possible or even worse: never.

So far, it has been agreed to create a subcommission to study the marijuana regulation for therapeutic use. The idea is to allow the existence of cannabis social clubs (such as those already created in Catalonia) but to toughen the fines for consumption outside these premises; thus making cannabis use the first cause of sanction in the Citizen Security Law, with up to 30.000 euros in fine for consuming on public roads. In six months, between July 2015 and January 2016, 18.806 penalties were imposed, compared to 479 for alcohol consumption. This last data is striking when alcohol is more harmful to health than Cannabis. These harsh sanctions imposed by the Government, equates us with countries like Russia, where the consumer is conceived as a criminal.

What does not make much sense is that the cannabis use and even the therapeutic use of the plant, and consumers and patients are forced to resort to the illegal market to provide themselves, because it means continuing to feed illegal traffic and the mafias that are enriched with it. It is evident that current criminalizing policies have failed, since they generate violence and corruption, in addition to drug trafficking having devastating effects on public institutions. 

For now, what it is legal in Spain, is the sale of seeds for collecting, of which we have a wide range of the best banks, take a look at our store!

Any other different use for this purpose, Cogolandia will not be responsible.

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