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Buy cheap Hemp Seeds in 2021

Buy cheap hemp seeds

In our online store you will find a wide range of hemp seeds, so you can find the one that best suits your needs. There are many types of hemp, from industrial hemp for smoking to hemp for the manufacture of various products such as textiles, rope, or an infinite diversity.

These types of seed varieties are marijuana seeds, but with the great difference that they do not contain all those psychoactive components that make it up, such as the well-known THC. Therefore, with this seed you can be calm, since they are totally legal in our country and in the European Union.

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We have all heard of hemp seeds and surely many of you have been struck by the doubt of ... how is industrial hemp different from marijuana? If you keep reading we can solve this question and some more related to the planting of hemp seed, such as can a legal hemp cultivation be carried out? o What types of hemp seeds are there?

What is Hemp?

Industrial hemp is a seed variety that differs from marijuana, mainly in the concentration of CBD and THC levels. For this reason it is said that hemp seeds are characterized by their non-psycho-active relaxing effects. This variety of plant has a more spindly shape compared to the marijuana plant. This name is given to the strong fiber that is extracted from this plant, being used in many sectors such as textiles, food, etc ... for thousands of years.

Where can I buy hemp seeds?

This type of seeds can be purchased both on the website and in our physical stores.

In our Grow Shop we have a great variety of seeds of the best quality, which are cared for and tested to offer you the best production of flowers and seeds to which we can give the good uses that we want.

Grow Hemp?

Many of you will be wondering how it works and what the cultivation of hemp consists of, so we come to tell you a little more about it. Hemp is totally legal in Spain, and in Europe. Therefore we can plant it in a totally legal way, in addition to having been one of the most used seeds in history. Hemp comes from cannabis, but this seed variety contains what is considered legal “marijuana”, by containing only 0.2% THC. With this, what would be considered legal when buying hemp? things like:

  • Buy hemp seeds in any establishment.
  • Plant seeds and grow a hemp crop
Hemp seed differences:

We have already talked a bit about hemp seeds in general, but can we differentiate the two types of seeds that exist? We explain what they are:

  1. Monoecious Hemp Seeds: They are those that use their energy in the creation of the so-called flowers. These hemp variants are ideal for therapeutic use by extracting large amounts of CBD.
  2. Dioecious Hemp Seeds: This type of hemp seed produces flowers as well in addition to creating seeds.
What are dioecious seeds for?
  • Take advantage of the hemp fiber to create products of another type.
  • Extract the essential oil from the seeds for use in food or as a remedy against ailments.
  • Hemp seeds are edible, and also very healthy, so you can add it to salads or meals in general, either whole or crushed.

What are the hemp seeds that are sold the most?

Feline Seed 32

The Felina 32 hemp variety is a French variety that comes from organic farming. This variety stands out for its short flowering and its great production of flowers, being able get huge buds with large amounts of CBD. Monoecious hemp strain that becomes the perfect ally for medicinal and therapeutic use.

Future Seed 75

Futura 75 is a fully monoecious variety of hemp. Also from France, we can use it for CBD extractions, and its subsequent use in oils or other substances for therapeutic use due to its legal cannabinoids and free of psychotic effects.