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Are you looking for the best autoflowering seeds From the market? The marijuana crop over the years, it has become a specialized technique that requires the greatest knowledge of its care and maintenance.

Therefore, from Cogolandia we offer you a complete guide with everything you need to know when buying. autoflowering seeds for outdoor or interior. We are the reference portal in the sector in the sale of all types of seeds, fertilizers, lighting, or products for your harvest and drying.

Do not hesitate and get our articles! We offer you the better conditions and advantages, so that your effort of its results in an exceptional way.

What are autoflowering seeds?

Companies that seeds autoflowering, also known as automatic, are those that do not depend on any light cycle to flourish, and they do it quickly and without much care, providing us with quality marijuana. For this reason, they have become the perfect option for those who are starting in the world of marijuana cultivation.They can be ready in a matter of minutes. minimum of 8 weeks (depending on the type of seeds you buy), without having to change its lighting cycle, maintain the flowering phase, or eliminate the males.

They are even widely used by those people or specialized growers who work in areas with not very warm climates, and whose main area of ​​action are outdoor spaces or balconies. Hence, autoflowering seeds have been developed for outdoor use.

Main characteristics of autoflowering seeds

In addition to everything mentioned, there are other types of characteristics of autoflowering seeds that have led to an increase in your purchase on the main sales portals. Do you want to know them?

  • They need much less time to grow the rest (they begin to flower at 2 or 4 weeks).
  • They are not photoperiod, which means that they do not bloom according to daylight hours.
  • Shipping is feminized, so it is not necessary to cut the male plants.
  • They have high properties with respect to their aroma, its robustness and its power.
  • We can find autoflowering seeds for outdoor and indoor, depending on our needs.
  • Resistance against pests, fungi or adverse weather situations.
  • This is a guy whose size is small, so it will allow more discreet crops.
  • Cheap

Types of autoflowering seeds in Cogolandia

Before buying autoflowering seeds for outdoor or indoor, we introduce you to the different banks that exist on our website, and each of them offers different types of seeds with different characteristics and experiences for consumers.

  • Fastbuds
  • Sweet Seeds Auto
  • Barney's Farm Auto
  • Sheer Seeds Auto
  • Buddha Seeds Autoflowering
  • Sensi Seeds Auto
  • Dinafem Auto
  • Dutch Passion Autoflowering
  • Positronics Auto
  • Royal Queen Seeds Auto
  • Elite Seeds Auto
  • Green House Auto
  • Genehtik Seeds Autoflowering
  • Serious Seeds Autoflowering
  • 00 Seeds Bank Autoflowering:
  • Delicious Seeds Auto
  • Kannabia Auto
  • Strain Hunters Autoflowering
  • Underground autoflowering
  • Paradise Seeds Auto
  • Hide Seeds Auto
  • White Label Auto
  • World Of Seeds Auto
  • Advanced Seeds Auto

These are fully feminized seeds, easy to grow, and not very demanding for the most novice users. They bloom between 8 and 10 weeks, and are created from the crossing of cannabis indica or sativa plants with cannabis rudelaris.

Many of them have been widely recognized in the market for more than 30 years, when their creator decided to grow the best cannabis plants. Turned into benchmarks worldwide for the quality of their results, since the specialists seek to offer a unique and fast product.

The seeds allow the shortening of cultivation processes and ease germination of the plants. This group has a great recognition, and therefore we have a wide variety in Cogolandia.

Benefits of indoor and outdoor autoflowering seeds

Summarizing the previous points, there are a series of advantages that we cannot ignore for buy our autoflowering seeds. Would you like to know which ones we are talking about? Next, we show you a complete list.

Growth rate

The speed with which these autoflowering cannabis seeds grow is beneficial for all those farmers who seek the greatest brevity in their crops. The growth stage can last between 2-4 weeks, and they arrive at culminate at 10 weeks.

However, if you still need less time, you can always take into account some elements such as the type of variety or seed, materials or substratum, to arrive at 8 weeks duration.

Low maintenance

You will no longer have to worry about the constant maintenance of these crops; you will not need to select male plants, nor direct them to the light depending on the hours of the day or the month in which we are, but these allow self-growth without the need for these factors.

Many professionals began without relying on this practice, since every plantation needs minimal care and maintenance; but, observing the results and their quality, more and more people are joining this practice.

High production

Thanks to their size and the fine stem of which they are made, in addition to the resistance to fungi, bacteria and different environmental conditions adverse, we can achieve a high production in the same year, and a high quality.

Cultivation place

As we have already said before, autoflowering seeds are for exterior and interior, since the dimensions allow its planting with discretion.

On the one hand, by being grown abroad we can produce much more during the summer time, while indoors (either a home or a greenhouse) they will be fed with artificial light and they will give the best cannabis on the market.

Do you already know everything you need to know about buying indoor and outdoor autoflowering seeds? In Cogoland we are waiting! Enter our catalog and get the product that best suits your consumer preferences, or your needs as a farmer.

If you have any kind of doubt, you can always put in touch with the professionals of the web, who will advise you in a personalized way so that you are satisfied with your final product. Do not look any further!