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Buy bulk autoflowering seeds of exceptional quality and at an unbeatable price

Cheap marijuana bulk autoflowering seeds

Looking bulk autoflowering marijuana seeds at the best price on the market? In Cogolandia we have what you need, we have a wide variety of seeds for your crops.

You will not find an offer like ours anywhere else, we have the best-selling varieties on the market, a meticulous selection of autoflowering seeds to buy bulk of marijuana at your disposal.

In addition to an endless number of products, we guarantee the best quality and guarantee of each of the products we sell. Acquire bulk autoflowering seed packages according to your budget.

Find in Cogolandia the best autoflowering bulk feminized and auto cannabis seeds. In addition, all our seeds have been created with a 95% germination guarantee, We keep them in optimal conditions so that your harvest is perfect.

What products can you find in Cogolandia?

In Cogolandia we put at your disposal a great variety of auto seeds so that you can choose the one you like the most, among them you will find the following: Critical Auto, Skun Auto, AK Auto, Northern Light Auto, Maxi Goom Auto, Sweet Auto and M3 Auto.

Among cultivators, the Black mamba It is one of the seeds that stands out the most. Thanks to the incredible results that this type of autoflowering seeds offers in cultivation, whether indoors or outdoors, it is highly valued by professionals. Without a doubt, a success!

Do not hesitate to take a look at our other categories of bulk cannabis seeds, in Cogolandia we have a great variety of feminized seeds and on offer.

The best bulk autoflowering seeds in Cogolandia

These types of seeds are varieties of cannabis that begin to bloom after the fixed vegetation period has ended, which means that they do not depend on the duration of the photoperiod (the time of exposure to light) so that it can go from the vegetative stage to the reproductive stage.

Find the best varieties of autoflowering seeds in bulk at Cogoland.

Characteristics of autoflowering seeds

In principle, autoflowering marijuana seeds can look like any other normal marijuana seeds. As we have said, the only thing that varies is the time of the growing cycles.

Among other features, we highlight the following:

  • The most suitable temperature for its cultivation is around 25º.
  • You only need water, air and the right temperature.
  • For this type of seeds, several crops can be grown per year.
  • They are somewhat smaller in size than normal marijuana seeds.
  • The flowering time needed is between 30 and 45 days.
  • These seeds can develop in periods of 6 hours of darkness and 18 hours of lighting indoors.

Other varieties of autoflowering seeds in Cogolandia

These are some of the autoflowering seed varieties that you can find in Cogolandia:

  • Big Devil XL Auto from Sweet Seeds: they are seeds that are the result of crossing the Big Devil and Jack Herer from Sweet Seeds and, therefore, are third generation. They can produce plants between 110 and 160 cm tall. It has a large number of branches on the sides and its aroma is intense, presenting citric lemon tones.
  • Magnum by Budha Seeds: it is a feminized variety, which features Jack Herer and Haze tarts. It has an incense-like flavor, quite peculiar. It has thin, expensive green leaves and, in addition, its growth is very fast.
  • Moby Dick XXL Auto by Dinafem: produces buds with a weight between 60 and 200 grams, therefore, it is considered a very vigorous plant. In addition, it can be developed both indoors and outdoors, its productive potential is very high. The height of the plant is between 75 and 160 cm.
  • Sheer Mandarin Auto XXL by Sheer Seeds: the flavor of this mandarin plant is very characteristic and, in addition, it has a very citrus aroma. It is a very select auto seed, it produces buds with abundant resin and high levels of CBD and THC. It is very smooth, one of the best on the market.

Buy autoflowering seeds in bulk at Cogolandia

In the case of having any type of doubt about the purchase of our autoflowering seeds in bulk, do not hesitate to contact us and ask for information, We will be delighted to assist you.