How to grow marijuana cuttings outdoors

Cómo cultivar esquejes de marihuana en exterior Desde Cogolandia en este artículo vamos a enseñarte cómo hacer esquejes de marihuana en exterior, para ayudarte a lograr una mejor plantación de marihuana. Sin más dilación, en este artículo no sólo te … Leer más

How to germinate cannabis seeds

How to germinate marijuana seeds There are many people who have the belief that planting marijuana, like any other seed, comes down to putting it in a pot, giving it away and waiting. Nothing to do with reality. All in ... Read more

How to vaporize cannabis

If you are thinking about how to vaporize marie and why it is better than smoking it, we are going to give you some ideas of why vaporizers are the best solution for your needs. How to use a vaporizer for Cannabis Currently,… Read more

How to water THE PLANTS in Holidays?

Summer has arrived, and with it the hottest time of year, where little by little we feel closer to reaching the final stretch of our work and finally! to enjoy a well-deserved rest. I'm already seeing how you get used to the idea, one day you start with the suitcase ... another day you think where you are going ... or what you will eat ... or how well you are going to have a good time ... but just at that moment ZAS! The fearful question comes to mind ... What will happen to my plants when I leave? ... Read more

The multiple benefits of marijuana

Marijuana is a plant that, although it is not legalized in the country, and this prevents certain studies from being carried out, it has many benefits for the health of people who consume it. It is used in many cases for therapeutic purposes. That benefits … Read more

How to water marijuana plants

Watering marijuana plants is undoubtedly an essential task. It consists of spreading water on the surface to benefit the marijuana and transport the nutrients inside the plant. In this post we will talk about how you can ... Read more

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