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Types of CBD Marijuana seeds

Until a few years ago, the type of cannabis that was capable of producing the greatest amount of CBD was hemp plants, however, in recent years the cultivation of strains with this compound has been increasing considerably. first CBD seeds that began to be marketed with high percentages of cannabinoids appeared accidentally. At that time, it could not be assured that the THC / CBD ratios were constant or that they experienced any variable.

At that time, the selection and breeding of this type of CBD marijuana seeds began to specialize in order to be able to offer the final consumer a great product with excellent properties, especially medicinal.

As a result we can now enjoy CBD versions of classic marijuana strains such as White Widow o Skunk in a CBD-rich version, or of products made with CBD thanks to the varieties of industrial hemp.

What is pure CBD?

After several investigations and discoveries around CBD, such as strains capable of producing low or high levels of THC and high levels of CBD, the techniques for extracting the properties of marijuana have evolved to achieve the CBD concentrate (also known as pure CBD)To obtain the CBD pure are used industrial hemp plant flowers, separating essential oils and cannabinoids, without this affecting their properties. It is done through a process in which the sheets are passed through a pressing process at low temperatures.

Buy CBD or THC Marijuana seeds

CBD seeds and THC seeds each offer a great diversity of effects, very different between them, since they influence not only the level of cannabionoids that the plant contains, but also the content of terpenes and flavonoids are related. Therefore, between buying CBD seeds and THC seeds, it will depend on the effects you are looking for.

Said choice will remain in the hands of the consumer himself and the experience he has after consumption, regardless of whether it is recreational or medicinal. Remember that the variant also includes the physical and mental state of the person who consumes it, a very important factor.

In this sense, it could be said that any of the cannabis strains can be valid, and that the choice will depend on the effects that the person has after having consumed. The same strain can have different effects on two different people, so one may like it and the other may not.

CBD seeds: most outstanding properties

Companies that CBD marijuana seedsBesides having nutritional properties, it also has therapeutic properties that are of great value. This, without a doubt, has increased the fame of this type of seeds.
These are some of the properties that CBD marijuana seeds offer:

  • Antipsychotics
  • Anxiolytics
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antioxidants
  • Neuroprotective
  • Anticonvulsants
  • Anti-tumor
  • Anti-nausea
  • Painkillers

Due to the large number of properties of CBD marijuana seeds, these are used to treat many diseases and the symptoms derived from these.

CBD marijuana seeds: effects

Despite what many may think, the effects of CBD are not psychoactive, but it does offer some special effects.With consuming CBD we will probably notice a certain very pleasant and bearable physical relationship, since the consumption of this type of seeds has an effect on the central nervous system, hence the physical effects.

The effects of CBD can be most appreciated with the different types of physical ailments, since a progressive and symptomatic relief can be noticed.

Does CBD High?

It has been shown, according to studies that have been carried out so far, that cannabidol or CBD seeds do not produce psychoactive effects. For this reason, the use and marketing of this product is allowed by the WHO. Despite being legal, it can only be presented in cosmetics and not as a food supplement.

If you are considering the consumption of CBD as an alternative to face any type of ailment or health problem, we recommend that you first consult with your family doctor and then check for yourself the effects of the cannabinoid, always in a controlled way.

Current situation of the CBD in Spain

As we have commented previously, on the one hand, the WHO considers the consumption of CBD seeds suitable, since will not generate any type of psychoactive or adverse effect that can have a great weight in people and even in animals, but products that contain CBD among their components cannot also contain more than 0,2% THC for them to be legal. Therefore, you cannot consume any type of product.

In other words, today in order to buy CBD products or seedsThese must be intended to be used topically or externally. The law does not allow these products to be sold in the market to be ingested.

CBD seeds: dosage and how to use

You do not have to worry about the contraindications for the consumption of CBD seeds, since the type of discomfort that they usually create does not usually go beyond a slight feeling of anguish along with mild dizziness, which will stop without being consumed. consume dosage may vary.

If, for example, you make use of CBS products for topical use, the way of use is by applying a few drops on the skin and spreading the product with a gentle massage. The number of drops you should apply will depend on the concentration percentage of the cannabis oil.

How can you get seeds CBD?

As we have been explaining, to obtain CBD seeds, the flowers are used in large quantities from industrial hemp plants with minimal percentages of CBD. They must go through a pressing process by means of which they extract the necessary oils, without leaving any type of contaminant or residue.The concentrate that is subtracted from this process is used for the manufacture of cosmetic products such as, for example, creams, serums or oils, Among others.

Buy CBD seeds legally

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