The Best Climate Control Systems of 2021

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What do we mean by climate control?

When we talk about controlling the weather, we mean taking into account the temperature and humidity we have when growing. It will not be the same to cultivate in southern Spain than in the north, right? Therefore, there are several products on the market that save you a lot of work when it comes to controlling your marijuana crop.

Types of climate control products

In our Grow Shop we have the best climate control systems to grow marijuana indoors. Among our selection we offer you the best product range related to temperature and humidity control, among many other products.

Air Conditioners and Heaters

The items we offer in this category are very well prepared to control the air our plants receive. These products are based on modifying the conditions of the air where our crop is to adapt it to its correct temperature.


We are aware of how important discretion is for any grower, so we offer you Silent and soundproof extractors. Also in you can also purchase noise boxes, designed so that they do not bother you or there is evidence that you grow cannabis.


Although it seems to be unimportant, renewing the air that our plants are receiving is vital when growing marijuana indoors. You can purchase in this category the best fans created for your indoor planting.

Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers

In our Grow Shop we offer a wide variety of humidifiers and dehumidifiers for those cases with lack or excess of humidity. This type of products with our Irrigation systems, will grow your crop.

In this section you can find several models of humidifiers, which are necessary for when there is a low humidity level. When we observe excess moisture and it is not due to extraction, what we recommend is to acquire a dehumidifier.

CO2 Accessories and Meters

Here you can buy a wide variety of accessories for your crop such as couplings, sleeves, etc…, as well as a wide variety of CO2 meters. These meters are perfect for adjusting the level of carbon dioxide in the air of your indoor crop. Many of these items also often show the temperatures and humidity in the air.

Climate Controllers

Con the cweather ontrolators for our indoor crops, we can control the temperature parameters and humidity to the millimeter. These controllers will be responsible for turning on or off the systems of ventilation to maintain the temperature or humidity that we have indicated.

Why buy this product in our Grow Shop?

In Cogolandia we have all the necessary products to control the climate of your indoor crop. In addition our customers recommend us for having the best prices in the market.

We have a great staff of professionals who will be willing to help you with any questions you may have in your crop. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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