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Products for the cultivation of marijuana

Do you want to start in the world of marijuana cultivation but you don't really know what you need? From Growshop Cogolandia we recommend starting with indoor marijuana cultivation since the conditions will be much easier to control. Here's what you need to start growing weed today.

indoor marijuana cultivation

How long does it take to grow cannabis

Those who start in the world of cannabis cultivation, a question comes to mind: how long does it take to grow marijuana indoors. The answer is quite simple, three months.

In this article we explain the list of tasks that you should prepare to grow marijuana perfectly. A calendar helps growers to get organized and to know when to prepare for it.

It is a list of tasks with the necessary routines and the most important points to address during the life cycle of the crop. It takes time to keep an interior conditioned and it will be necessary to devote hours to the installation of the cultivation room.

Ultimately, a grower should spend around 20 minutes a day to keep the garden in good condition.

What do you need to grow marijuana indoors?

You have made the decision and you want to start in the world of marijuana cultivation or maybe you already control the subject but you want to go to the indoor mode but you are a little lost on what essential things you need. By equipping yourself with this you can start planting without problems:

  • Seeds: get quality cannabis seeds. If you want, you can visit our online growshop and choose the ones you like best. If you want to guarantee the germination of all the seeds and not waste money, you can get a marijuana seed germinator.
  • Soil: for the proper development of your marijuana plant it is necessary to use the appropriate substrate, in this way the plant will receive the nutrients it needs. At Cogolandia we have a selection of about 20 different brands of substrates for growing marijuana. In the case of opting for different growing systems such as hydroponics or aeroponics, you will need a different type of equipment, but this is already a world apart.
  • Grow tent: we personally recommend having a marijuana grow tent, you can better control the temperature and humidity of the space than if you grow in a whole room.
  • Light: marijuana plants in their growth stage must follow a light-dark period, this being 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness. For this reason we need a good lighting kit that has, at least, a ballast, bulb and reflector.
  • Air: you will need an extractor to remove the stale air from the crop, for this you also need a tube to guide the air. Think that your maria plants are a living being and they need clean and fresh air to grow and give big buds. It is also highly recommended that you use a fan to create air circulation.

Equipped with this, you will have the basics to start growing cannabis indoors, although everything is a matter of taste and you can expand the equipment with a thousand more things such as jiffis to germinate seeds and cuttings, a timer for lighting, microscopes to control THC, pumps and drippers for irrigation, PH meters, thermometers and C02 meters ...

Indoor Marijuana Grow Kits

At growshop Cogolandia we want to make it easy for those of you who are starting, that is why we have our indoor grow closet kits on offer. From € 219, with our basic kit, you will have everything you need to start planting. And, if you want to specialize in indoor growing, we also have our Dark Box indoor grow tent. This wardrobe is built with the latest technology materials and therefore provides characteristics that make it unique in the market.

How to grow marijuana in a closet and not die trying

If you want to grow marijuana inside your home, now is the time to consider learning how to grow cannabi in a closet. The best way to do it and not die trying is to opt for grow tents.

How to grow marijuana in a closet

Growing marijuana in a grow tent is a very common solution. The cabinets are easy to hide, very discreet, and also do not require any work or conditioning any space. They are already specifically designed for their functions.

Cannabis grow cabinets also solve many problems of space to grow maria, since they allow you to control humidity and temperature without large fans or humidifying extractors. They also provide you with a great saving of money, in addition to allowing you to save space.

When the light does not escape, they allow better use of energy to optimize the electricity bill. For this reason, investment in these equipment is usually quite profitable, although more things are needed, which can be solved with some culture kits.

How to grow Maria in a closet?

In addition to having a good growing closet and the right equipment, and some good cannabis seeds, you need to know the growing conditions and how to do it.

Marijuana cultivation lighting in cabinets

Growing lighting is key to getting good results, so the right lights and power are required for the closet. In addition, the daily light and dark hours to be used must be set.

You should also assess the humidity and temperature in the closet for a correct development of your marijuana plants, monitoring the values ​​every day. The temperature must not drop below 17 or exceed 31 degrees. The relative humidity should be between 40 and 60%, although it can sometimes exceed 80%.

Once the closet, ventilation system and lighting equipment is ready, it is time to grow. To do this, the desired marijuana variety is chosen and fed with the appropriate substrate and fertilizer.

After germinating the seeds, they can be put in the closet in the most appropriate way possible. After 5 days in small pots, they can be passed to larger ones. We must also pay them and make proper maintenance so that they are born healthy. It is also necessary to know the precise moment to cut and prepare them.

Knowing how to grow marijuana in a closet is much easier and more effective than it may seem, although it does take some time until you get used to it and do it well.

Calendar to grow marijuana.

If we grow indoors, our calendar can start the month we want. It is best to start the crop on day 1, to better control the time. However, there would be no problem in starting another day, as long as we have a check.

As we have already mentioned, growing marijuana is going to take us three months. Two weeks for the cuttings to root, two weeks for vegetative growth, and approximately eight weeks for the plants to flower. This time can change according to varieties of marijuana. In this article we are going to focus on this time interval between stages but, as we have mentioned, it is indicative.

First month:

The first week will be dedicated to rooting the cuttings and sowing the seeds. We will make sure they are warm to germinate quickly.

In addition, we will adjust the culture room timer to turn on the lights 18 hours a day and keep them off for 6 hours.

We must be careful with the earth. In addition, the humidity that will be in the environment can cause mold to appear.

Second month:

Our plants should measure between 15-30 cm and the leaves should be wide, green and firm.

We will continue with the fertilizer program and place the lamps between 30 and 90 cm away.

We will transplant the plants into larger pots and water as much as necessary.

During the second month the flowering period begins. We will change fertilizer and use a specific one for this cycle.

The photoperiod is 12 hours and our plants should be between 30 and 60 cm high.

At this point, overwatering can be a problem when growing cannabis indoors. We will check the soil with a moisture meter.

Iron, magnesium and nitrogen deficiencies may appear now. It is advisable to apply a supplementary mixture of microelements.

grow marijuana

Third month:

The plants will measure between 45 and 90 cm and should show white pistils.

It is time to take the cuttings for the next crop.

It is very important to check humidity, ventilation and air circulation.

We will observe how the earth dries quickly and we can prune the plants that shade others.

We are at the moment of greatest production of THC. Over the next few weeks, the buds double their potency and size.

White leaves tend to yellow, so we will remove them. In addition, it is the last opportunity to pulverize and fertilize if we want to harvest in a couple of weeks.

We will pay with some product for fattening. We will inspect for gray mold in the buds. We are in the moment of greater resin in the buds. Our plants are reaching maturity.

If production is ready, it is time to harvest. From this moment on, the THC level begins to drop, so don't take long to start harvesting if you want your marijuana to have quality.

With this guide, you will have everything organized to know what to do at all times.

List of weekly tasks to grow cannabis

In addition to this growing calendar you just read, it is also important to have a weekly homework list to find out if everything is going well.

It would be advisable that, every day, check that there is no problem inside. To do this, we will pay attention to the following:

  1. Air vent
  2. Air circulation
  3. Humidity: 40-50%
  4. Temperature: 21-24ºC per day; 13-16ºC at night
  5. Earth moisture
  6. Take care of the earth
  7. Control the PH
  8. Turn the plants
  9. Monitor the presence of the red spider
  10. Check if nutrients are missing
  11. Apply fertilization plan
  12. Check the lighting
  13. Distance of 30-90 cm above the plants
  14. Keep the interior well clean

Plant cannabis outdoors. How to do it.

Planting marijuana outdoors is a very simple and very economical process for those who want to start in this world. In this article we will explain the steps to follow so that you can plant correctly and make the most of your harvest.

When should I plant marijuana? Look at the moon

As with pregnancy, the tide or the mood of people, the moon also has a great influence on agriculture and the cultivation of all plants, as is the case with cannabis and the germination of seeds of marijuana.

The lunar calendars, based on the rotations  and phases of the moon, were created to know the most suitable dates to carry out the cultivation work in relation to the situation of the star.

Watching the moon will help you know when to plant marijuana

The lunar phase is a cycle that repeats every 30 days, approximately, and that influences the plant and the cycle of ascend and descend of his sap.

The effectiveness of this type of calendars is so great that today it is still used to know the best dates on which to prune, sow and harvest.

In this way, thanks to the moon, we can know exactly what is the process to follow for proper cultivation and not die trying.

If we use it correctly, the lunar calendar to grow cannabis is very effective and, in addition, easy to understand, because it is based on the four lunar phases known to all: new moon, crescent moon, full moon and waning moon.


The full moon is, of the four phases, the most recognizable, as it shines perfectly in the sky. This period is the most appropriate for harvesting, fertilizing and sowing, avoiding pruning at all times, as the nutrients in the sap would be lost and our plants could die.

On a waning moon we will continue with the work we started on a full moon. During this period the growth of our plant is slower, so transplanting pots is recommended.

During the new moon, we will have less light at night, and we will carry out activities other than weeding, since the sap is concentrated in the root. In the same way, the germination power is minimal and, in addition, it is one of the most sensitive phases for the lower part of the plant.

Finally, the crescent moon is considered to be responsible for the growth of plants. It is the best time to sow, paying special attention to doing it two or three days before entering the full moon, since the period in which the sap rises to the top of the plant, promoting growth, flowering and maturation.


Lunar calendar 2016

To plant outdoors, the first thing you should keep in mind are the cannabis seeds that you are going to grow. It is very important that you inform yourself of each one and its origin, since the result we seek will depend on it.

cannabis seeds

Once we know what cannabis seeds we are going to use, we can get down to work.

Although we are going to plant outdoors, our recommendation is that you germinate the seeds inside the house. Why? Because it is safer and because they will be strengthened before planting them under natural light. This will ensure that the seeds grow strong and healthy.

Find the right place

While the cannabis seeds are growing (we will have them at home for about two weeks) we will look for the right place to plant them. This site should be as hidden and as possible away from the sight of the most curious.

Obviously, if we are going to plant on our terrace, it is not necessary to look for a hidden place. In this case, when our seeds have germinated, we will transplant them to larger pots. The pots we use will be 45 liters to last for the entire crop cycle.

Marijuana is a light-eating plant. So the more sunlight you have, the more buds you will offer.

Transplant our cannabis seeds

Transplanting the marijuana seeds into the pots is very simple. To do this, we will use a quality fertilized substrate, complete with additives that you can find in our Grow Shop.

From now on, we will ensure that the substrate is always wet and we will constantly water it. In the same way, it is advisable to spray the plants with neem oil, a natural and infallible insect repellent.

Depending on the variety we have planted, the plants will take more or less time to grow. They usually do it for four to five months.

Plant maintenance

Our outdoor pantas will not need much care at first to grow. Water and sun are what they will want.

As they grow, we will control the PH of the water to know if everything is correct or if it lacks any nutrient.

During growth, marijuana plants should mark a pH between 5,5 and 5,8. We will use a growth fertilizer with high levels of nitrogen.

With all this, we will ensure that our plants grow perfectly throughout their phase.

The flowering of cannabis seeds

Normally, on June 24, when the day begins to shorten, our plants will begin to bloom.

One month after flowering, we will be almost at the end of our cultivation. Therefore, 15 days before starting to cut the plants, we will wash the soil with plenty of water to remove the nutrients that may remain.

Until the day of the harvest, we will keep our plants only with water and, when we go to cut them, we will ensure that the land is dry. In this way, we will not risk the buds rotting.

After that, it will be time to dry and cure the marijuana in order to enjoy a good smoke.

How we will plant marijuana in SCROG

Planting maria in SCROG means maximizing production and saving labor time. It is a perfect system for growing indoors with the least amount of plants but with excellent results.

SCROG comes from English and comes to mean "green screen", that is why a grid is used for plants to grow through it. The idea is to fill all the spaces in this grid, so that all the plants get the same amount of light.

In this post we will explain how to grow marijuana in SCROG in a few simple steps.

With this system, we will control the height of the plants and, with this, we will be able to increase the quality of our crop. Since all plants are given the same amount of light, there will be no differences between them and they will all have excellent quality.

grow marijuana in scrog

Growing cannabis in SCROG saves us growing time

To grow in SCROG we will use our own grid for this technique, which you can find in our online store, and we will place it about 30 centimeters above the pots.

If we have a marijuana growing cabinet of one square meter, it is advisable to use a maximum of five marijuana plants. Not for more plants, your results will be better. Keep in mind that all your plants will have the same treatment on the mesh.

If we decide to use a single plant in this system, it is advisable to use a 25-liter pot. If, on the other hand, we use more plants, we will opt for 11-liter pots.

Once the plants reach the grid we can move them so that they grow horizontally. This is the goal of growing marijuana in Scrog; limit vertical growth and enhance horizontal.

Sativa varieties are the ones that best adapt to the SCROG technique, since we can handle their stems more easily. For their part, indicas show more resistance when it comes to handling them.

When we place the grid, you have to hold it well, because it is the one that will hold the plants.

As we have discussed, growing marijuana in SCROG will save us time during the growth stage. By this we mean that we will obtain lower production but higher quality.

As a general rule, a plant grown in this technique takes between five and seven weeks to reach the mesh. If we use more plants, they will cover the mesh weeks before.

When do plants bloom?

Obviously, the flowering of each plant will depend on each variety. If we have cultivated Sativas, we will have it easier, since the flowering period will begin when we have 60% of the mesh covered.

On the other hand, the indicas start to bloom when about 75% of the grid is covered. This is because this variety grows less during the flowering cycle.

Although this system is more suitable for indoor use, it is also possible to install it outdoors. Obviously, the mesh will have to be tied to some structure to support the weight of the plants.

It is true that growing marijuana in SCROG has its advantages, although there are also some disadvantages to consider. One of them is the reduction in the number of harvests, as we have already mentioned. However, we must also remain vigilant for the presence of fungi due to the lack of ventilation. Therefore, we will have to observe our production with caution and apply preventives regularly.

Tricks to grow marijuana in winter

In Spain, especially in the Mediterranean area and in the Canarian archipelago, we have a not very cold climate during the winter months. For this reason, many growers dare to grow marijuana in winter. It is a very different way of cultivating when we do it the rest of the year, since the plants need another treatment. Once we know how to do it, we will have no problem growing during the coldest months.

In this article we will explain how to grow marijuana indoors and make the production a success.

The first thing we have to take into account is the temperature of the growing room.

When we grow indoors and in winter, we must pay special attention to temperature, one of the determining factors in the life cycle of our plants.

Every plant needs an adequate temperature to develop. Marijuana, in essence, must have a temperature of between 24 and 30ºC during the day and between 18 and 22º during the night. If, on the contrary, the night temperature decreases, the growth of the plants will be affected.

Growing marijuana in winter: Precautions

What we have to be clear about is that if the temperature drops below 16ºC, the roots will not hold it and the plant will not grow. The leaves can withstand a minimum of cold, but if the roots are cold, say goodbye to the crop.

During the first two weeks of the flowering cycle, it is very important that there is not much difference between daytime and nighttime temperatures, since it is the time when the plants stretch. It is recommended that they do not exceed 4 degrees of difference.

When a self-cultivator grows marijuana in winter, it usually does not disconnect the bulbs at night and turn them off during the day. This is because at day temperatures tend to be higher than at night.

That is, it deceives plants with the photoperiod. It makes them believe that night is day and day is night.

grow marijuana in winter

However, it is often the case that daytime temperatures are not high enough to create the night environment (that is, maintain 18-22 ° C). If this happens to us, it is best to use a heater to have the corresponding heat.

If you need a heater, it is advisable to also have a thermostat to control the room temperature.

Growing indoors during winter under sodium lamps makes production easier. The plants develop very quickly and offer excellent results. Whatever the month, cannabis will behave as if it were summer as we provide the climate for them to develop.

The advantage of growing marijuana in winter is that it is not essential to use air conditioning, not like in summer.

In short, if we deceive plants with light, we can also make them bloom in winter.