Dry-Weed Cannabis Dehydrator



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Full Pallet Substrate Top Coco 50L Top Crop

Category: Bud dryers


Dehydrator for drying herbs quickly.

This device causes dehydration of fresh herbs without affecting the organoleptic properties of herbs (does not affect alkaloids or terpenes). So in a matter of hours our favorite herbs can be stored in conservation boats or vacuum bags.

The unit has an automatic fan that recirculates warm air evenly inside and 5 stackable trays with the grid-shaped base. The transparent trays allow to visualize the dehydrating state. These trays are adjustable with double height so that the entire flowers fit when the largest height between trays is used.

The unit measures 32cm in diameter and in the compact position 30cm. When the high position is used (greater distance between trays) the height reaches 40cm.


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