The best electronic vaper of 2021

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What are Vapers for Cannabis?

The vapers or vaporizers They are an apparatus with which we extract essential oils through heat. By this we mean that instead of the substance we are going to inhale it burns, as happens when lighting a cigarette, with the vaporizer We will use the heat that the device causes to evaporate the active substances.

The vaper is composed of: a battery, a claromizer and a resistor. In order for our vaporizer to work properly we must introduce the E-Liquid into its tank.

In short, the vapers simulate the act of smoking but without producing combustion. Therefore, any person can fight in an effective way, both physical and psychological addiction that causes us to be hooked on tobacco.

Types of Cannabis Vapers


It is a brand that has more than 13 years of experience in the vaporizer market. In Vaporesso they strive day by day to improve their products by offering Security and high quality.


The vaporizer brand SMOK is dedicated to create new vaping experiences For your customers. They focus on the quality and safety of the product getting a better vaping experience in all aspects.


The mark Joyetech, as one of the leaders in the vaping industry, dedicates immense resources for research and the development of new technologies, to the science of the materials and to the design of products so that the consumer enjoys a good experience.


essence It is a Valencian company dedicated to the design and manufacture of electronic cigarettes, in addition to creating its own essences and accessories. This brand offers electronic cigarettes accessible to all budgets.


En Cloudv create and offer a selection of vaping products and accessories that innovate using a High quality materials, innovative designs and a technical service prepared for any unforeseen.

What are E-liquids or Liquids to Vape?

Once you have chosen the vaping kit that you want to buy, now is the time when it is necessary buy the e-liquid to be able to use the vaper.

But you may be wondering what is the E-Liquid? The e-liquid is like the gasoline of our vaper, without it we will not be able to start our vaporizer. This liquid is composed of: vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol and aromas. In Grow Shop Cogolandia you can buy e-liquids with or without nicotine, of different flavors and different sizes.

Why buy a vaporizer or electronic cigarette in

The vaper is a substitute for the traditional cigarette, which provides several advantages that make it an ideal product to quit smoking.

In the category of Vapers and Electronic Cigarettes you will find a great variety of kits prepared to vaporize marijuana to your liking. In Cogolandia, we also have a team of professionals who are willing to help you with any questions you have about the world of vaping.