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Feminized cannabis seeds in bulk

Grow Shop Cogolandia we have created the section of bulk cannabis seeds Seasonal and 100% feminized. It is a section where you will find the most popular and recognized seeds of the banks but at a much cheaper price.

We are one of the most prestigious Grow Online that exist, so we offer you the guarantee that all our seeds have the necessary aspects to offer maximum production.

In addition, the rigorous treatment to which we have subjected the seeds, make them one of the most demanded in the market.

Our main objective is your satisfaction. Therefore, we adapt to your needs and objectives and offer you the highest quality of service.

Large selection of 100% feminized bulk cannabis seeds

In this section you can find a large selection of seasonal and 100% feminized bulk cannabis seeds. In addition, you can choose the pack that best suits your pocket.

From the pack of seeds of 5, 10, 25, 50, 100 and up to 200 seeds.

Among our varieties, you will find the Critical + in bulk, a highly demanded variety that is characterized by its intense flavor and its smell so characteristic of Skunk.

The spectacular Rosental. A cannabis seed that offers you an enviable production and buds like stones.

Another of the varieties that we offer you is the Somango, a perfect variety for indoor and outdoor (like all others) and with which you can get some high quality cuttings.

Buy feminized bulk seeds

Matanuska is another of our star bulk cannabis seeds. A very easy plant to grow with more than enviable results. It is robust and very dense buds. Sweet taste, its effect can last up to 4 hours.

In short, these are just some of the varieties that we offer in our online store. Do not look any further. We have the best guaranteed price in the market.

The best bulk seeds, both feminized and bulk autoflowering seeds, can be found at Grow Shop Cogolandia.

Find a wide variety of cannabis seeds in our Grow Shop.

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The three most productive seasonal marijuana seeds in bulk

We are already fully in the outdoor growing season, but there are still growers who do not know which seeds to choose.

Unlike auto seeds, seasonal seeds are governed by the photoperiod. That is, they must be planted between March and June (in the northern hemisphere) and will be ready to harvest between September and October.

In this article we have chosen the three varieties that offer the most production and the best valued by growers. Of course it is an incomplete list and we will complete it over the next few weeks. However, we leave you this small preview.

Bulk Rosental 100% feminized season

bulk rosental seeds

One of the 100% feminized and high-production seasonal varieties in bulk is the Rosental. Available on our website, it is one of the most demanded cannabis seeds by customers.

La Rosental, cataloged as “spectacular”, offers large, fat and hard buds, with very high THC and CBD levels.

Unmistakable buds, like stones, so big that they impress. In addition, they have a sweet and aphrodisiac aroma, very similar to pineapple.

When you smoke it, you live a mixed high, characteristic of the origin of the Rosental. You will be relaxed but, at the same time, high. A unique experience that makes this variety love much more.

It is a seed that responds very well both outside and inside. We will have it flowered in no more than 65 days.

100% feminized seasonal bulk somango. Cannabis seeds

Bulk somango

Another of the most demanded varieties is the Somango in bulk in season. This 100% feminized cannabis seed offers spectacular results.

It is perfect for making cuttings, due to the quality of the plant. In addition, it responds very well to the culture system in SCROG.

When the Somango blooms, it becomes more violet and the buds crystallize. It is one of the best varieties we have in stock, and its effect is very active. When you smoke it you will not leverage on the couch, but it keeps your mind clear.

Of hybrid origin, in the outside we will have it ready in mid-October with a more than enviable harvest.

100% feminized seasonal bulk Himalayas

Bulk himalayas

If we talk about production, we cannot put aside Himalayan cannabis seeds. Perfect for growing both inside and outside, the Himalayas is characterized by its short flowering period. If you grow it outside, you'll have it ready in 50 days.

The buds it offers are fat, large and resinous. A delight.

When you smoke this variety you will notice its soft effect and your appetite will enter instantly. Its high levels of THC and CBD make it highly demanded by our customers. It is even a widely used variety to reduce pain and symptoms.

In our online store we have these three varieties in bulk in season and 100% feminized at 20% discount.

Which ones would you add to the list?

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