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The choice of seeds of marijuana It is not a simple task. There is a great variety, depending on the characteristics we are looking for, such as feminized seeds. From Cogolandia we offer you the best feminized seeds and at the best price.

As well we advise and help you to choose the seeds that best match what you are looking for to achieve excellent results.

What are feminized seeds?

Feminized seeds are a type of seeds that have been genetically modified to ensure that they contain both X chromosomes, thus dispensing with the Y chromosomes. In this way, with a 99.9% probability, these seeds will give rise to a feminized plantFemale or female marijuana plants guarantee the production of resin rich buds, in comparison with the male plants that are the ones that produce the pollen necessary for the production of seeds.

The different varieties of feminized seeds are distinguished by their genetic origin, effect, flavors and aromas, in addition to the speed of flowering and content of cannabinoids, among many other factors.

Characteristics of feminized seeds

Planting feminized seeds will result in the production of a higher harvest of buds with a good dose of resin. The amount of buds from female plants and the size of them is also higher, which, added to the good doses of resin, will provide some good results.

In addition, feminized seeds are photoperiod plants, which means that they bloom depending on the daylight and dark hours of the day.

Another important characteristic to take into account is that feminized seeds are what produce that the plants are more leafy and dense if we compare them with other types of seeds such as, for example, autoflowering ones.

Advantages of feminized seeds

One of the main advantages of feminized seeds is that their cultivation becomes a fairly simple experience since it is not necessary to carry out the process of identification and removal of male plants that must be done at the beginning of flowering and that is usually a complicated task.

Not having male plants that can pollinate our crop is an important reason to choose this type of feminized seeds. In this way, we will increase the levels of resin and we will maximize the production of buds and their flavor.

Feminized seed cultivation is a type of fast cultivation, that does not present too many complications and that, in addition, allows the achievement of high quality plants.

Thanks to this type of seeds, productivity of the growing space is better used, either indoors or outdoors and a greater uniformity of the product is achieved on a large scale. In addition, feminized seeds ensure, almost 100%, that hemaphrodite plants do not grow.

Another great advantage is that feminized seeds ensure that no males appear, which we would then have to discard. So we can germinate only the seeds that we want to use. In this way, we can save time, work and resources.

Finally, it should be noted that this type of seeds allows the intensive cultivation and facilitates the process of use of cuttings for its planting in a faster way, achieving, in this way, the cloning of the plant.

How to grow feminized seeds

Now that you know what feminized seeds are, their characteristics and main advantages, we want to solve all the doubts that may arise about their cultivation and care.

From Cogoland We know that the choice of the type of seeds is not the only important thing but also its care and follow-up so that the plants grow correctly. To do this, you have to follow some steps and recommendations, depending on the type of seeds, so that everything goes well.

In the case of feminized seeds, the level of moisture optimum that they need will depend, above all, on the stage in which they are throughout their growth or life cycle. In general, the humidity range should be between 40 and 60% although we must control the humidity so that not too high and thus avoid the appearance of mold, especially in its flowering stage.

The temperatures must always be moderate, around 22ºC 24ºC. The important thing will be avoid extreme temperatures as they could cause slow growth, among other problems.

As for fertilizersIt will be essential that they contain the 3 most important nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium), in addition to some others such as calcium, iron, copper or magnesium among others. When using these fertilizers, it is important administer them following the recommended doses.

La choice of soil where to grow your seeds is also important. Feminized seeds will grow best in nutrient-rich, well-aerated, well-drained soils so they can absorb all the necessary properties.

If you are concerned about cultivation timeYou should know that it depends a lot on the variety you want to use. Some strains, such as indica, grow very quickly, with short flowering periods of 6-7 weeks, while other varieties such as sativas have a longer flowering period.

In addition, there are some types such as feminized or fast-flowering autoflowering seeds that are usually ready after about 60 days from germination.

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