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What are fertilizers and fertilizers for marijuana?

The fertilizers or fertilizers for marijuana are different types of organic or inorganic substances that increase the substrate quality of our crop. They contain in their interior the food that they need so that our plants develop perfectly. A good example of organic fertilizer would be the well-known manure.

Types of fertilizers and fertilizers for cannabis


Rooting Fertilizers favor development maximum of estate so that they become the food base of our marijuana plant.


Fertilizers and growth fertilizers will help you to make your marijuana plant healthy and also very good quality.


Flowering fertilizers serve to give a boost to our marijuana plants and thus help them to form flowers and buds much more resinous and compact.

Fattening of the Bud

In order to obtain one abundant and quality harvest towards the end of the crop, the fattening fertilizers of the marijuana bud will be your ally.

Why use fertilizers and fertilizers in our crop?

The land with which we are going to cultivate is altered, because the speed at which the plant eats the nutrients it needs is greater than the rate at which these nutrients are broken down.

For this reason the use of fertilizers and fertilizers It is vital for our marijuana plant grow much healthier and stronger. So he can offer you an abundant and good quality harvest.

If you are going to create a marijuana plantation for self-cultivation, you must first understand the importance of fertilizers. Cannabis plants need to feed on the nutrients in the soil to be able to grow properly. In case your plants have a shortage or lack of nutrients or oxygen, they may not be able to resist much and you end up losing your crop.

From Growshop Cogolandia, we would like to make you aware of the importance of using fertilizers, as well as let you know the different types of marijuana fertilizers that you have in the market.

Plants treated with fertilizers

What are fertilizers and why do you need them?

Plants get their nutrients through the substrate, but this substrate feeds on certain chemical elements that reach it through the roots from the ground.

In cases where the soil that we have chosen for our marijuana plant does not provide enough nutrients to maintain an adequate balance, then it is required that we provide an external fertilizer.

Among the basic nutrients of marijuana, it is necessary to mention nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, which, by its signs of the periodic table, we know as NPK. Other secondary nutrients that a marijuana plant may also need are magnesium, calcium or sulfur.

Types of fertilizers that can be used

There are several types of fertilizers on the market that can be used so that the plant has its needs met.

  • Root Stimulators: Roots are a type of fertilizer that helps the growth of the roots of marijuana plants, which contributes to an adequate advance in the process of development and flowering of the plant.
  • Growth stimulators: This type of fertilizer helps plants grow healthy and strong and have a greater plant mass, making stems and leaves thicker and more resistant against fungi.
  • Flowering stimulators: They are usually used in the pre-flowering stage, at the beginning of the summer, which will help the plants produce more shoots, which in turn will become buds.
  • Fattening of buds: these are bud enhancers. During this stage, the plants stop growing and begin to produce buds, for which it is convenient to use a fertilizer or fertilizer that helps improve the quality and production of your crop.

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Benefits of fertilizers and manures

  • Se doubles crop yield
  • When the rains are scarce, get the surface temperature to normalize and help store more water.

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