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In Cogolandia we have a variety de flowering fertilizers for marijuana with the cheapest prices you can imagine.

The world of fertilizers and fertilizers for marijuana is very broad and there are different types of fertilizers depending on the growth process in which our plants are. Flowering fertilizers for marijuana are very important, since, sand applied at a key moment for the result of our harvest. We tell you more.

Types of flowering fertilizers for marijuana

At the time of flowering, cannabis plants need a extra phosphorus and potassium supplement, to a greater extent. And also, in smaller proportions: nitrogen, magnesium, calcium, zinc ... It is necessary that we provide it with the necessary nutrients so that it can carry out the flowering process successfully.

There are many types of flowering fertilizers for marijuana, but some are designed for certain time frames within the process. We will tell you.

Pre-flowering, before bud growth

These are supplements that apply the days before the start of flowering. An example of this is the fertilizer for marijuana flowering Stimulating Delta 9, which is applied 10 days before flowering begins. This product is of great quality since it increases the size of the bud up to 30%, stimulates the growth of the plant and makes it produce more resin.

During the entire flowering process

In this group we find products such as Golg Bloom by Gold Green, Terra Bloom by Plagron, Bloom Complex by hesi, Terra fFora by Canna, among others,  are used every week in which our plant is developing the buds to enrich them, strengthen them and obtain better quality results.

For the last weeks of flowering or fattening

They are like the final 'sprint' in growing cannabis. An extra shot of energy and nutrients is provided to our plants, in its final weeks of development, to ensure success. In this group we find products such as Gold PK from Gold Green, the Bloombastic from Atami or in powder the Monster Bloom of Grotek, the Shooting power of H & G,…. recommended for the second half of the flowering process.

Fertilizers for marijuana flowering they are very easy to apply, and even some, like the Gold bloomThey are prepared to be applied through our drip irrigation system, without losing their properties.

These supplements always have to be applied correctly and following the instructions for use, it will be very beneficial for the crops of cannabis.

It is important to note that each harvest is different. There are many factors that can influence the result of our plantation, from the marijuana flowering fertilizer, the soil, the type of seed, the climate, the care we give it ... If you want to know our wide variety of flowering fertilizers, and other products for growing marijuana,visit our online store!