Frequently Asked Questions


Below we detail the general conditions of sale of our website cogolandia.com


PENINSULA  For orders of less than € 99, shipping will be due, with a cost of € 00 and for orders over € 5,95, shipping will be paid. The bearing sizes of the substrates will always be due, except when it is an entire pallet of substrate. Substrates of 25lts ——–> € 7,30 Substrates of 50lts ——–> 9,64 € Payment will be made by bank transfer, paypal or cash on delivery (the transport agency charges 3% of the invoice value, with a minimum of € 3 for providing this service.)   BALEARIC ISLANDS (Always postage due) According to package size and weight. CANARY ISLANDS   (Always due) According to package size and weight.   REST OF EUROPE INCLUDING GREENLAND.   According to the size and weight of the package. Payment will be made by bank transfer or cash on delivery (the agency keeps 6.00% of the invoice amount, with a minimum of € 7,50 for performing this service).   REST OF THE COUNTRIES .  According to the size and weight of the package. Payment will be made by bank transfer or cash on delivery (the agency keeps 6.00% of the invoice amount, with a minimum of € 7,50 for performing this service).  


With the information that we are going to show you below, Grow Shop Cogolandia wants to let you know what the privacy policy is applied in regard to your personal data. Grow Shop Cogolandia complies with all the requirements established by current regulations regarding the protection of personal data and all data under our responsibility will be treated in accordance with legal requirements, and the proper security measures, both technical and organizational, will be kept. guarantee their confidentiality. You are informed that the personal data you provide us will be incorporated into a file that is registered in the General Data Protection Registry and for which Grow Shop Cogolandia is responsible, and will be used for purposes of our organization, related to our legal administration, and to inform about the services we offer. We also inform you that your personal data will not be segmented or used for other purposes than the mere information of the services offered by Grow Shop Cogolandia, which we intend to be of use to you. On our website there is no hyperlink or link that allows the communication of your data to any other company or organization. In any case, you can exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, by writing to Grow Shop Cogolandia, domiciled at 26 Calle Sants de la Pedra, 46500 Canals, Valencia, Spain, indicating on the envelope: Policy privacy policy, or by email to info@cogolandia.com    indicating in the subject: Privacy policy. Likewise, Grow Shop Cogolandia offers its customers the right of access and rectification through their partner account, upon introduction of their Login and Password. By all this, we will understand that in the case of providing us with your data you grant us the express authorization to carry out the treatment of them in accordance with the above described and that, at any time, you may invoke said authorization.  

Can I pick up my order directly?

At Grow Shop Cogolandia we give you the possibility of personally picking up your order at any of our stores, without having to pay transportation costs. If you want to pick it up in one of our stores, you can select the "Store Pickup" shipping option and in the comments section indicate in which store you want to pick it up. As we have indicated, this option means free shipping of the order.  

Purchases via phone or email

In Grow Shop Cogolandia there is the possibility of placing an order by email or by phone. In the case of ordering by email, please provide us with all personal data (full name, shipping address, mobile phone, etc.) and order specifications (articles, models, quantity, measurements, etc.). For telephone orders, you can contact us by calling 962 254 069 o 633 337 585 to. In this way we offer you a telephone service for consultation and to be able to place your orders comfortably. In this case, we are in charge of filing and processing your order. In both cases, once we have received all the required information, we will send you an order proposal to the specified email. If you agree with the order proposal, you can confirm it by replying to the email. From here we will proceed to prepare and send your order.  

Do all products have free shipping for purchases over € 99?

At Grow Shop Cogolandia we send your order for free from € 99. There are several exceptions to free shipping: -Products that exceed 25 KG in weight, where we will proceed to calculate the new shipping costs and will be communicated by email or by phone call.  

Claims and incidents

If there is any problem or problem with your order or partner account, the most effective way to communicate with us about it is by sending an email to info@cogolandia.com. In a maximum period of 24 hours we will be able to contact you offering a solution to your problem. Grow Shop Cogolandia is in charge of managing the guarantees of all the products within the period set by the manufacturer. In addition, we will also manage the claim of those seeds that due to seed problems (excluding bulk seeds) have not germinated. We will never be held responsible for mismanagement by the customer in the germination of the seed. In any case, on our website you can find instructions on how to proceed to germinate marijuana seeds as well as efficient germination methods so as not to have any problems during this process. The prices and descriptions that appear on our website are subject to change if there is a typographical error. Images may not match the product.  

When will I recive my order?

All orders will be sent 24/48 hours after receipt of payment or acceptance of the order in the case of cash on delivery. Grow Shop Cogolandia is not responsible for the delay that may be caused in the delivery for reasons beyond our organization, therefore they will not give rise to any compensation on our part. For shipments outside of Spain and Portugal, as well as for shipments to the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands, delivery times vary, so contact us. Orders will be delivered to the person and address indicated in the order. On Saturdays, Sundays and holidays there will be neither departure nor delivery of orders. In the event that the payment is made by bank transfer, the shipment of the order will not be effective until it has been made effective in our bank accounts. If the transport agency has agreed with you a date or time for delivery of the order, and it is not carried out because you are not at home, you may be charged additional amounts for second shipments. Product Availability: In the event that we do not have any of the items that have been purchased in stock, we will notify you so that you can decide between: • Wait for the item to be received and thus make only one shipment. • Send available items and the rest when stock is replenished, with the possibility of paying shipping costs. • Request a refund of the order amount, by sending an email to info@cogolandia.com indicating all the information regarding your order and the 20 digits of the account number.  

Discreet and safe shipping?

Shipping and parcel made with all discretion and full security. At Grow Shop Cogolandia we pack your order so that no one knows that or where you buy, for this, our name or logo, or any other, will appear on any of our packaging. In addition, your order is packed correctly and securely to avoid breakage in it. In this way, security and discretion in the delivery of the order are guaranteed.  

Shipments to the Canary Islands

At Grow Shop Cogolandia we deliver to the Canary Islands. In this case, transport costs vary with respect to shipments to the peninsula. The recipient of the merchandise must pay the IGIC (Canarian Indirect General Tax) and the AIEM (Excise Duty on Imports and Deliveries of Merchandise) at the specified rate per hundred upon delivery of the merchandise. Therefore Grow Shop Cogolandia is not responsible for customs charges on our part. In any case, the form of payment for the merchandise sent to the Canary Islands will be by bank transfer or card payment, paying the amount of the order together with the total transport costs specific to this type of shipments.  

Payment Methods

BANK TRANSFER You can make payments by bank transfer. This payment method supposes a delay in the management of your purchase which will not enter into the preparation process until it has been confirmed. After completing the order, the amount of your order is transferred to the following bank account: ES74 0182 0542 54 0201587291 In any case, the account number will be sent by email together with the receipt of your order once the process of purchase. It is essential that you indicate the number of your order as a payment concept to avoid delays. Also, if you want to speed up the shipment of your order, send us a copy of the transfer receipt to Orders@cogolandia.com and we will proceed to the packaging and shipping of the same. VIRTUAL POS / CREDIT OR DEBIT CARD The safest and fastest means of payment for online purchases. At the end of the order, a window of our bank will open where you must enter your card details. After completing this process, the bank will notify us that the payment has been made and we will prepare your order. The card details are not known to Grow Shop Cogolandia, thus preventing this information from being used fraudulently by third parties later. Our virtual POS accepts Visa, Mastercard, Maestro cards, etc.


The payment method by cash on delivery will only be available for orders to the peninsula. With this type of payment you can pay the amount of the order to the carrier at the time of delivery of the order. In the case of very heavy orders or of great economic value it is possible to request an advance in the payment of the order. The shipment by cash on delivery has an extra cost charged by the agency for the collection service of 3% on the value of the order with a minimum of € 3. If a cash on delivery order is returned, this payment method cannot be offered again.


This form of payment is only available to collect the order at any of our physical stores. INCOME IN ACCOUNT You can make the payment of the order by means of a deposit in account. After completing the order, you can deposit the amount of your order in the following bank account: BBVA ES30 0182 0542 59 0201585219