The Best Products for Harvest, Drying and Conservation of Cannabis in 2021

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What do I need to harvest, dry and preserve the Mary?

Finding out the key moment to harvest our crop is usually a key point in the quality of the buds of our plant. Therefore, in Grow Shop Cogolandia we present this category where you can acquire all the necessary tools to make this last process of your cultivation easier, making it easier for you to work at the best market price.

Types of Tools and Accessories

Harvest Products

Here you can find several utensils that will help make the harvesting process much easier, since, many times, having to carry out this task by hand is very complicated. In this section you will find several models of peelers.

Cannabis Drying Products

When we have done the harvest and we have the marijuana leaves already removed from the buds, the next step will be to perform the drying phase. Therefore, in this section you will find the best and cheapest marijuana dryers on the market. These tools prevent wind from entering and maintain a temperature of 25ºC.

Products to Preserve Marijuana

Once our marijuana buds are dry and ready for your enjoyment, we must keep them in boats with hermetic locks for greater substance conservation. You can buy these boats in this section.

If you don't know which of all the tools we present to you is better, there is no problem. In Cogolandia we have a team of experts which It will help you select what best suits your needs.