The best tools and accessories of 2021

Marijuana Growing Tools and Accessories Store

In this category we present a wide variety of tools and accessories necessary to have our crop in perfect condition. Thanks to the use of such tools, You will save time and also provide superior quality to your plants.

What kind of tools for cannabis can you buy in our store?

Scissors and Cutting Tools

In Grow Shop Cogolandia we have a wide variety of cutting tools, from disposable scalpels to pruning shears so that the cuts you make are more easily.

Conservation, support and transport products

In this section we show you a wide variety of adhesive and American tapes, different types of flanges, hanging chains and also pulleys to fix any product in your greenhouse.

Tutors and Labels for your plants

You can also purchase in this section tutors for plants and labels where you can write the type of variety you are growing right now. With all this you will get that your indoor marijuana crop is fully organized.


One of the accessories we have in our store is the microscope, a very effective tool to detect various pests in the crop at a very young age. These devices too let us know if our cannabis is ready to be harvested or not. With this tool, nothing that happens in your crop will be overlooked.

Other tools

Finally we have prepared a section with a series of basic items that any indoor crop must have. From fire extinguishers to avoid any accident to latex gloves, adhesive zippers, or a diver suit so as not to get dirty when working with fertilizers and different substances.

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If you don't know which of all the tools that we present to you is better, no problem. In Grow Shop Cogolandia we have a team of experts which It will help you select what best suits your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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