Shop of Fungicides and Insecticides for the Cultivation of Marijuana

Pests and insects are important problems for a variety of cannabis plants. All kinds of small bugs enjoy the taste of marijuana plants and could end up ruining a complete crop if an infestation appears. Ants, caterpillars, mealybugs and mites are pests that can have an effect on your marijuana cultivation. The use of chemical pesticides may seem like an easy option, but in reality it can be harmful in the long term. It is likely that chemicals are not safe for inhalation or ingestion by humans, even if they eliminate the insect problem.

In this Marihuana Televisión video we show you an aphid attack on outdoor plants where we are advised about the different options for treating these bugs.

Therefore, it is important to use organic deterrents such as introducing pest predators into the environment or using a natural remedy. In some cases, the best pesticide is preventive defense. Although indoor marijuana gardens are technically less susceptible to pets, you can inadvertently introduce a population of plant killers by taking them to your clothes. Therefore, it is always good to be careful when it comes to pests and insects. Click here to see the full section of pests and insects.

What product to choose for our crop?

Each insecticide and fungicide is different, depending on the type of pest that appears in our marijuana crop, we must use one product or another. So that this does not affect our harvest, It is essential to know how and what to supply each product. For more information on the label of each of our products there is a description detailed so you know the type of insecticide it is and where we should apply it. With these remedies you will prevent the appearance of bugs and insects that can spoil your precious marijuana plants.

Types of Insecticides and Fungicides

Insecticide / Chemical Fungicide

In this section we offer you a wide variety of chemicals created to protect your crop. If you are suffering an invasion of insects in your plantation, chemical insecticides and fungicides for the cultivation of marijuana are healing products with an effect very strong the plagues and diseases for those that have been created.

Insecticide / Biological Fungicide

Biological insecticides / fungicides are designed to protect your cannabis plants and eliminate insects considered harmful to our crop. He biological insecticide or natural is elaborate respecting the environment and our health, so it is one of the most used options for the elimination of pests.

What types of bugs and insects are these products effective against?

Our products are designed for Elimination of insects and pests as mentioned below.

Oidio, Mildui, Fusarium, Botritis, Whitefly, Trip, Mandor, Mites, Red Spider, Aphid, Cochineal, Caterpillars, Worms, Larvae, etc ...


The cultivation of marihuana It has millions of followers who want and want their plants to grow in the best possible way. So that your plant looks good, healthy, with all its intact properties and a good production it is important that you invest in marijuana fertilizers and fertilizers, and use the cannabis seeds more adapted to what you are looking for. In addition, from Cogolandia, it also recommends you use all possible resources to protect and defend your marijuana plant of the diseases and pests more common. In today's article, we want to help you identify and know them.

What are the eCommon diseases and pests? 

  • Caterpillars and snailsIf we have our marijuana plants outdoors, it is possible that we could have snails and slugs that come to eat our plant. To avoid this, you can apply Bacillus Thuringensis for caterpillars and Caraverd for snails and slugs.
  • Fungal infection ¡¡Marijuana plants can have fungi too! In this case we will see wear at the level of the leaves of our marijuana plant. To prevent fungi and parasites in our plants we have: Horsetail. For fight fungi and parasites in our plants we have a fungicide: Beltasur 500.

How to fight red spider plague

  • Red spider. The red spider can be a serious problem if it is not known how to fight pests. Although the name may lead us to deception, in reality this little insect is a mite and is dedicated to sucking the elaborate sap that is very rich in sugars. It is one of the most dangerous pests for our marijuana plant. We can use natural predators and environmental control to try to combat it. In Cogolandia we have an effective product to combat these types of pests: the Spiderplant from the Agrobacterias brand or if the problem persists we would have to use chemical insecticides such as Bermectine.

If what you are looking for is total protection against all these problems, we have an insect and fungus preventive kit that may probably interest you.

If you have any specific questions, contact us so we can inform you about what care your plant may need. We remind you that in our store online courses we have a wide variety of products of the best quality for biological control and Fight pests in your marijuana plant.

It is true that with the amount of insecticides and fungicides, many times we do not know which one to choose for our plants. Therefore, if you have any doubt, you can call us or send us an e-mail.