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What are the Measuring Instruments?

Measuring instruments are tools that help us control our plants in a very precise and effective way. There are several elements to consider when starting to grow, including the review of the PH and the EC in the water.

Every grower, professional or not, has ever faced cultivating with a very variable climate. So that the life cycle of the crop is optimal, there are an infinite number of articles that help control both the temperature and the humidity that may arise in the place where we are going to cultivate. Thanks to this we will be able to avoid possible damages that may appear in our marijuana plants.

Types of Measuring Instruments for Marijuana Growing

In this category we show you certain very important articles for our marijuana cultivation. As they are elements that control the PH and the EC in the Water, the temperature, the humidity, etc…

PH and EC meters

Controlling the PH and EC of the water is essential for the cultivation process. These elements will help us to improve the life cycle results of our plants.

The PH is important to know the alkalinity or acidity index that the water we use contains. This is the stopcock that regulates the absorption of nutrients by the plant. Although we must bear in mind that the PH may vary depending on the substrate we use. The ideal value that the PH should have should be between 5,5 and 7.

On the other hand, the EC of the water informs us about the conductivity level of the water that we are going to use. That is, the amount of minerals it has. The more nutrients the water contains, the greater the conductivity will be appreciated. We must bear in mind that a very high EC could be harmful, just as a low EC could not be enough.

Temperature and Humidity Meters

Also, in this category you can find all the items that are needed to control the temperature and humidity in the growing area.

It is essential to control the temperature of the indoor crop and always keep it between 20 and 26ºC. To do this, it is best to acquire the meters and thermohygrometers in order to visualize both temperature and humidity. The latter must be between 40 and 60%.

Calibrating Liquids

The types of meters that you can buy in this category, when used frequently, lose precision, so we recommend using calibrating liquids which will help us reestablish the reliability of the product.

Each of the calibrating liquids has a certain measurement of PH or EC. In this way, when we put the meter in the liquid, all we have to do is adjust it to the level marked by the bag or bottle. In this way we will be able to calibrate it correctly.

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