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The Leeroy Jenkins flower of CBD house brand Gorilla Grillz, to the cry of Leroy Jenkins comes this variety, intense citrus flavor, with spicy notes.

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Gorilla Grillz Leroy Jenkins CBD Buds Features

From Cogolandia we exclusively present the new brand of hemp flowers with CBD Gorilla Grillz, the new brand of buds with CBD in the cannabis market. Its explosion of aromas will make you enjoy a most pleasant and relaxing moment. You will repeat for sure!

This time we bring you the incredible Forbidden Fruit variety, the CBD flower in 1 and 2 g.

What flavor will you find in this variety?

  • Leroy Jenkins

Leerooooy Jenkins will wake you up with a single scream, a meme in the form of a CBD flower that comes to charge against all your senses, lovingly raised in a greenhouse.

TO ROME: very intense and spicy citrus

Gorilla Grillz Guarantee

All the CBD buds have been tested and tested in laboratories to achieve constant and excellent results, in addition to offering the best quality. This product is designed and created to provide the customer with an incredibly unforgettable experience from start to finish, getting you to totally relax from your stressful day to day thanks to its incredible aroma and flavor, which will hit your mouth filling it with the best sensations, a relaxation of the most pleasant and never seen.

Contains less than 0,2% THC and 6% CBD

This is NOT a psychoactive substance / narcotic material, under any circumstances.

  • Aromatic hemp for collecting use.
  • High Quality Greenhouse CBD Flower from Switzerland

Yellow Package Contents

how is the flower


Flores : Leeroy jenkins is a compact, large-sized flower with an intense greenish hue, bred in Greenhouse.

Aromas Appearance: Intense citrus, with spicy notes.

Cannabinoid profile : CBD : 10,3%, CBG : 0,5%. THC: 0,2%

What will you find inside

CBD flower : In the form of buds.
Vault : Terpene protector to maintain the optimal state of the flower.

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