The Best Lighting Systems of 2021

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A very important element when growing marijuana indoors is the choice of the Lighting systems. Our plants need to follow a period of light-dark in its growth phase. This period is 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness.

What are lighting systems?

International shipments may take up to  lighting control systems for indoor cultivation  They are a solution designed to regulate the programmed, supervised and managed light that our marijuana plants collect from one or more central computing devices. These systems work to distribute a certain amount of artificial light, at a given time and in the space necessary for our indoor crop to develop in the best possible way.

These devices are used to power work with different powers with the same ballast and with the same bulb. Its operation is very comfortable, since we can adapt it to the cultivation period in which we are working at that time.

Another product to consider in a lighting system is el reflector. In this category you can buy all kinds of reflectors, bulbs and ballasts.

Types of Lighting Systems

Sodium Lamps

These types of lamps are the best known and most used today, and they are also the cheapest in the market. In the category of light bulbs you can find high-end sodium lamps, for the growth and flowering stages.

Metal halide

They are high pressure lamps, what do we mean by this? Well, they are from the group of lamps called HID (High Download Intensity). They are lamps with a high power and a good reproduction of colors, especially of the projection of ultraviolet light.

Low Consumption Lighting

These types of bulbs work in a way very similar to the way fluorescent tubes do. The good thing about this type of light bulbs is that apart from the low consumption they produce, they are cold, therefore they only use between 50% and 80% less energy. In this way we will be able to produce the same amount of light, and with a much longer duration.


Today we are beginning to observe a series of changes that are improving every time the indoor marijuana crop. The new LEC lighting technology consists of ceramic components that improve crop quality, since it provides UVA and infrared rays that Sodium cannot create.


Companies that LED bulbs they do not use wire, gas, filaments or halogens inside, they use a chip that makes them ten times more efficient, lengthening their life span and consuming less than conventional ones.

Lighting kits

Every Indoor Lighting Kit needs these three items as basic: ballast, bulb and reflector. It is necessary to know how choose the best kit and with us you can find the one that best suits your crop at the best price.

What lighting system does my Indoor Cultivation need?

To know what type of lighting system is best for our crop will depend on the crop and investment we want to make. Keep in mind, for example Sodium lighting kits are usually much cheaper than the other lighting systems, Although, it is also true that its maintenance is not.

Instead, the LED and LEC systems in your indoor crop, They are constantly changing to ensure that they provide a high quality and high quality production in our crop, thus reducing their costs more and more.

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