The Best Pots and Trays of 2021

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Types of Pots and Trays for Growing Cannabis

In this category you can find various models of pots and trays at the best market price.  You can select here the size and the most suitable item for your crop.


In this section you will find white or black pots, breathable, use and throw, ecological, etc .... Our recommendation is that you use white pots for outdoor cultivation, since by using the white color we avoid overheating the roots. Black pots are perfect for growing indoors, since the conditions are different from the outside because the plants cover the pot itself.


Companies that cultivation traysOn the other hand, they are perfect for collecting irrigation water and keeping the area where we go to work tidy. In this section you can buy all types of trays: flat, tall, small, large or for hydroponic crops.

Urban garden

We also present the urban garden section of Cogolandia, where you can find all kinds of elements and accessories to grow on hard floors such as terraces, balconies, patios, etc ... or simply set up your own garden.

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En Grow Shop Cogolandia  We know that it is essential to know how to choose the model and size of the pots and trays to grow. Therefore, we have a team of professionals who will advise you to choose what are the accessories that best suit your needs. Do not hesitate to ask us any questions you may have, we are here for it.

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