Moby Dick XXL Auto

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Moby Dick XXL Auto

Moby Dick XXL Auto by Dinafem is a very productive seed that makes buds spectacularly fleshy and resinous. It has a powerful and physical effect, enriched with 0,50% CBD.

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Moby Dick XXL Auto

Moby Dick XXL Auto develops marijuana plants of sativa dominance: tall and spiky, with a size larger than the rest of autoflowering. Its large size makes this strain a recommended plant for crops where there is no space problem and where discretion is not a problem. As the name implies, Moby Dick XXL Auto is a cannabis monster that can reach 1,70 tall outdoors.

Production is the strong point par excellence of this variety. This cannabis plant guarantees incredible productions for an autoflowering plant and is a variety especially recommended for growers for commercial purposes. Its buds are sativa type, elongated and with fox tail. They also stand out for having an extra resin load.

Moby Dick XXL Autoflowering develops marijuana plants with high intensity aroma and flavor, with notes of citrus, pine and exotic woods.

Moby Dick XXL Auto is a marijuana plant with high THC levels, which guarantees a powerful psychoactive experience. Its effect is powerful and long lasting, with a good physical and cerebral balance.

Moby Dick XXL Auto is a very grateful and easy-to-grow marijuana plant. It works well both indoors and outdoors, but its large size and sativa-dominant constitution - highly branched and with wide internodes - makes it little recommended for indoor use. Also, be careful with curious neighbors because this variety exudes a very powerful aroma that will force you to get some extra strong filters if you are going to grow it indoors. This sativa heritage also translates into a greater appetite, so we recommend fertilizing it more than normal.

To get the most out of this strain, the ideal is to work with a pot of 10 liters minimum. If you have space, throw yourself with a 20-liter one and you'll hallucinate with the results. Make sure that the substrate is well aerated, adding a third of coconut to the mixture, so that the roots can breathe and make the most of the nutrients. The recommended light cycle, if you are going to work indoors, is 20 hours of light and 4 hours of darkness. Regarding irrigation, as a good car, Moby Dick XXL Auto needs to be watered more frequently but always without flooding the plant to avoid drowning its roots.

Keep in mind that in the last weeks of flowering, when it is full of heavy flowers, you probably need to use tutors to help hold the stem.

Gender Autoflowering
Genotype Sativa dominance
Crossing White Widow XXL Auto x Haze XXL Auto
Complete life cycle 80 days
Indoor production 500 g / m2
Outdoor harvest Beginning of April / End of October
Outdoor production 70-230 g / plant
THC High

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