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2 and 2 years of life according to models

Long life filters

Mountain Air filters are a selection of filters designed to give the highest quality, performance and durability of the market. No other filter is capable of lasting more than 2 or 3 years of constant use, so that the grower can be sure of having controlled odors for a long period. Its simple functionality contains a complex design that uses unique materials. Mountain Air filters require little maintenance and significantly reduce noise, ensuring an efficient and effective crop cycle. They also stand out for their high flow rate unlike other filters due to the low density and high mechanical resistance of the coal used, which achieves a better result.

This type of special carbon has a unique chemical composition, granules of different shapes, sizes, texture and resistance that give the filter its long life and prevent blockages, keeping the filter clean and improving its durability.

Mountain Air filters are very economical, the larger, more profitable they are, providing great savings and more duration for the same money as a filter that lasts half. This is the most efficient filter on the market in the elimination of volatile organic compounds and has won 5 times the award for best filter in North America.

They are supplied in a cardboard box prepared for shipping and with two pre-filters that can be washed by hand and machine,

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