Return policy

If when you receive your item (before being used) it is not what you expected, you have a period of five days, counting from the date of receipt, to execute the right of return or exchange.

Shipping and collection costs in case of return will be borne by the customer. To make said return the product must be in perfect condition and in its original packaging. The product must be returned in the same conditions in which it was received. In case you no longer have all the parts, packaging, instructions, etc ... it will not be possible to return or exchange.

Once the merchandise is received in our warehouses, and after checking the status of it, we will proceed to change the item or generate a purchase voucher for the amount of the product.

The shipping cost of the returned / exchanged item must always be paid by the customer.

If there is an error in the shipment or when the product arrives it will not work, the shipping costs will be paid upon receiving said item in our facilities.

For products under warranty that have any defect in their operation, a technical service is available to carry out checks. The shipment of the merchandise to repair will always be at the customer's expense.

Once the merchandise has been checked, the shipment of the new or repaired product will be totally free if the non-operation is due to a product error.


* Grow Shop Cogolandia will not be responsible for accidents, lost shipments or that arrive in poor conditions at our warehouses.

To make your return, send us an e-mail to the following address:


We are retail trade that distributes 100% legal products within the EU framework.
The Criminal Code, approved by Organic Law 10/95, of November 23, in articles 368 and following, provides; prison sentences of one to three years for those who carry out acts of cultivation, processing or trafficking of cannabis (marijuana). The Spanish criminal law contemplates and sanctions as a crime against public health those acts of cultivation destined for sale or trafficking or that are carried out with the purpose of promoting, favoring or facilitating the illegal consumption of third parties.
For international purchases consult a specialist, we can not keep up with all the laws in force around the world, so we ask the customer to report the laws in their country of origin before making a purchase, we also urge thanks to All for your collaboration.