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Types of Irrigation Systems

In our online store you can buy any accessory you need to water your crop. In this section we offer you all the items you may need to carry out an excellent and safe irrigation.

Drip Irrigation

This system consists of introducing the stake-shaped skewer into the ground, near the roots, and then the other stake introducing it into a bottle full of water, so that little by little it will provide water to the roots of your plants of marijuana.

Irrigation Programmers

Irrigation programmers are electronic systems that allow us to optimize the moment in which we want our plants to water, and the area where we would like the water to arrive.

Irrigation Pumps

These items in our crop manage to keep the water clean and oxygenated, ensuring that the product does not stay at the bottom and oxygenates the roots correctly. We have all the variety of high quality pumps that adapt to any system.


Autopot is a cultivation system which consists of the plant absorbing water and nutrients when it needs them. It consists of the use of pots introduced in a small individual tank that manages to control the inflow of what our plant needs.

Water Treatments

We have a wide variety of water treatments such as osmosis and carbon filters to treat the water, and that it correctly absorbs the fertilizers that we introduce into the crop. These treatments provide good production and better quality.

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In this category you will find all the products you need for the irrigation of your marijuana crop. However, if you have any questions, our team of professionals will advise you without any commitment. Do not hesitate to contact Grow Shop Cogolandia for any questions you have regarding your crop, whether indoor or outdoor.

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