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We present you the first variety of feminized marijuana seeds Rich in CBG! This seed is famous for its medicinal characteristics and its low levels in THC. Be among the first to experience the great properties of the CBG Force and You will repeat!

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New CBG Seed from Dutch Passion

CBG Force Quality Seed

From cogolandia.com we are proud to present the New Generation of Cannabis Seeds, CBG seeds. Dutch Passion is the creator of the first CBG-rich feminized seed variety, which is succeeding among all growers in the sector. But many of you will be assaulted by a fairly logical question What is CBG? What characteristics does it have? Next we will solve all your doubts.

What is CBG and how is it formed in the CBG Force seed?

CBG is one of the many cannabinoids that exist in the marijuana plant and hemp, and is derived from the component called CBGA (CBGA is the acidic version of CBG). As the plant grows, almost all the CBGA in it becomes the components already known to all of us such as THCA or CBDA. And by the time it's time to harvest, the CBG content is around 1% or less in most varieties.

It is believed that the component of marijuana called CBG (cannabigerol) is famous among scientists of the plant, for its great functions and characteristics for its medicinal use, since the levels of THC that this type of plant has are below 0,15 ,fifteen%. CBG-Force cannabis seed is the first generation of CBG rich seed and promises to bring great results in cultivation, it will not disappoint you!

This feminized seed grows as a medium height plant but with the advantage of having the potential of a cannabis plant like the ones you usually grow, what does this mean? (that indoors you will get about 400 grams / m2, and outdoors 500 grams per plant).
But, there are still several questions. Why is this variety of marijuana seed called Force? Well, precisely because of the great strength with which it grows, being so in such a way that it only needs about 7 weeks for its flowering and thus finishing its cannabis buds rich in CBG.

Curiosities in the formation and creation of the CBG Force seed

Researchers at the Dutch Passion Seed Bank have been able to observe two extraordinary characteristics during the process of creating the CBG breeding program.

  • In the first harvest they tested, very strong odors from the plant were not noticed in this strain. That made them think that terpenes and / or flavonoids may be connected to the production of THC, CBD or other cannabinoids.
  • The second curious fact is found in the buds that the CBG-Force Seed creates. These were not sticky even though they were quite frosted, funny right? This contrasts with all the varieties of THC-CBD known to date in the cannabis market, since perhaps the fact that there are other cannabinoids present in the plant may be connected to the very sticky resin that we are. so used.

Definitely this seed with only a THC percentage below 0,15% can be considered as the first strain of the collection of seeds of Dutch Passion  to be considered legal, globally, in the same way that hemp already is. The flowers that this seed provides in its harvest stage, actually seem to be from a normal cannabis plant since they have the same structure and appearance.

The result that this new variety of marijuana will provide you is a good smoke, especially for all those lovers of the plant who are looking for a light cannabis experience as if it were an expert.


Characteristics of Dutch Passion CBG Force Seed

THC Minimum (0-5%)
% THC 0,08
% CBD 0,65
% CBN 0,15
% CBG 12,7
Gender Feminized
Flowering Short: 7 - 9 weeks
Production Alta
Indoor Production (g / m2) 400
Foreign Production 500


If you want to find out more curiosities and information about the Dutch Passion CBG seed, you can read this article.


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