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In Cogolandia we have the largest variety of cannabis seeds on the market with the cheapest prices.

Take a look at this section and find all the kinds of cannabis seeds you can imagine, plus all of them at great discounts.

Where can I buy cheap marijuana seeds?

Many times when buying marijuana seeds some doubts may arise regarding the type of plant we want to grow, such as the value for money.

At Cogolandia we offer our clients an infinity of brands and varieties of cheap and high quality marijuana seeds, with which you will get crops with excellent results.

Our main objective is to offer our clients the best guarantee, for this, we offer the best selection of cannabis seeds at an unbeatable price. What are you waiting for to make your purchase?

Why buy marijuana seeds in Cogolandia?

En Cogoland we care about our clients, for this reason, we answer all the doubts that may arise in the cultivation process.

We have a team of professionals with great experience and knowledge to advise you at all times. Likewise, we also put at your disposal all kinds of products necessary to grow cannabis seeds.

We offer personalized assistance to our clients, so do not hesitate to contact contact Contact us by phone or by email, where we will solve any questions that may arise.

How to germinate marijuana seeds?

To get the best results in growing plants, watch this video from Hemp TV, where we show you how to sow marijuana seeds.

Types of cannabis seeds

Next, we detail a list of the best marijuana seeds that you will find in our grow shop:

  1. Bulk Marijuana Seeds

In this section of cannabis seeds You will find a great variety of high quality, stabilized, feminized and controlled specimens with which you will obtain your plants, without any type of variation.

  1. Autoflowering Seeds


The autoflowering seeds from Cogolandia are not photo-dependent. What do you mean? Well, they have the ability to flourish regardless of the light cycle they receive during cultivation.

As a general rule, two months after germination the plant has already completed its flowering phase completely.

  1. Feminized Seeds

Cogolandia feminized marijuana seeds have the best recommendation, that of our clients. These seeds produce plants that are 100% female, which will allow you to obtain a great flowering.

  1. Regular Seeds

The regular cannabis seeds are those that provide us with male or female types of marijuana plants, being considered the purest seeds. These kinds of cannabis seeds are very easy to grow.

Buy marijuana seeds in bulk or packaged?

In the online market we can find a multitude of web pages where we can buy our favorite marijuana seeds.

To avoid any scare, it is best to buy the seeds for our cultivation in reference online stores like Cogolandia, where you will find the best products.

Due to the great interest in indoor and outdoor cultivation, many people enter this world every day and do not know what seed to start with.

The most recommended, especially when you are starting, is follow the advice given by the seller can offer you, since they have the experience and knowledge necessary to help you in the cultivation of marijuana seeds.

We can differentiate between two large groups of marijuana seeds that are currently offered. We can talk about marijuana seeds in bulk and marijuana seeds from banks (marijuana seeds packaged by their corresponding brand).

Bulk seeds

As we have anticipated, marijuana seeds are sold in bulk or packaged.

Bulk marijuana seeds are those that are sold loosely, in large quantities and without having a bank or reference house.

You have to be careful of sellers who offer marijuana seeds in bulk at really low prices and without any kind of guarantee. Normally, these seeds do not usually follow a quality monitoring process, from extraction until it reaches your hands.

If you choose to buy seeds in bulk, the best option is buy them from websites or sellers that guarantee good results, where they advise you properly and help you if you have any kind of problem when planting the seed.

At we offer you high quality bulk marijuana seeds, fully feminized, which have followed a selection process and have a germination rate of 95%. Nothing to envy to the seeds of the best banks.

Marijuana seeds from official banks

On the other hand, there is the other possibility of buy marijuana seeds that come from official seed banks.

The marijuana seeds of these entities they usually carry a quality sealTherefore, it is a sign of confidence in the brand. Some of the best are: Sweet seeds, Barney's Farm Seeds is Sheer seeds among others.

Seed banks usually carry out very strict quality control processes, since, in the event that the seed is not of good quality, the buyer will not repeat, which can damage its image and affect its benefits.

The seeds of the banks go through exhaustive controls of efficiency and offer the cultivator the maximum guarantee with a very high probability of germination.

In short, the difference between packaged and bulk seeds is in quality, since, in many cases, bulk seeds do not go through the same quality controls as those of banks.

Our bulk seeds offer enviable results, as they go through the same quality processes as the packaged ones.

Where can I buy quality marijuana seeds at affordable prices?

In our online store you can find a huge variety of seeds is marijuana in bulk and from banks. Among them you can choose the varieties that you like the most: Skunk, Northen Light, Cheese, Critical, Deimos, Mazar, White Widow, Jack Herer ...

We offer our clients 100% feminized, autoflowering, bulk, regular, cbd, seasonal seeds and all with a very high germination rate.