After the proven success in our own centers, GROW SHOP COGOLANDIA begins its EXPANSION process. We want to bring our product to the general public, and therefore, we have decided to start the expansion in the form of FRANCHISE. For this reason we present the GROW SHOP COGOLANDIA FRANCHISE.

We are looking for people with entrepreneurial spirit and desire to work, in order to bring GROW SHOP COGOLANDIA to be one of the best GROW SHOP in our country.


If you want to be your own boss and run your own business, starting a franchise is the best choice. Currently the GROW SHOPS are positioned as an excellent business option, since by means of a low investment we can obtain a great profitability, in a sector that does not stop growing. Above all, it is a safe investment, always in the hands of GROW SHOP COGOLANDIA, which offers continuous and close support, as well as the best price to its franchisees.

If you are passionate about growing, the world of cannabis and you are able to meet the needs demanded by your customers, now is the time to set up your own GROW SHOP COGOLANDIA franchise.


GROW SHOP COGOLANDIA has begun the expansion throughout the national territory, and all thanks to its business model. If you want to join our franchise chain we will put all our efforts to make you a professional in the sector. For this we invite you to visit one of our stores for a few days to acquire the main training bases. Thus you will enjoy the opportunity to know the internal functioning of our franchise.

As we know, the world of cannabis cultivation is currently advancing and increasing, therefore our objective is to satisfy the needs of this public, translating these into the best results in the cultivation of our clients.

Request more information to set up your own franchise

If you want to be part of the GROW SHOP COGOLANDIA franchise network, you can contact us by email, by sending an email to or by calling 633 337 585 where we will be happy to assist you.