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Types of smoking products

In this category you will find a wide variety of items for smokers such as cigarette paper of all types and sizes, lighters or lighters, ashtrays, decorated trays, etc ... Take a look.

Cigarette paper

As for cigarette papers, we have a multiple variety of brands and sizes, as well as a fantastic selection of different and exclusive papers, such as the one called Juicy Blunt. You can also find other accessories such as cardboard filters, Actitube activated carbon Tune filters, etc…. If you are looking for a different rolling paper, this is your section. We have palm paper, gold and silver, flavored, natural, etc ...

As for a variety of brands, there are several in the market such as OCB, Smoking, etc .. Although among all brands RAW It is the favorite of smokers. This brand works with organic paper that does not use chemicals in its manufacturing processes. You will find two sizes, 1 1/4 and King Size, plus tips filters, RAW rolls, already rolled filters, cones, the RAW Challenge, etc.


As a good smoker, we should always carry a lighter on top, right? Therefore in this category we offer you from portable torches of several models for the BHO or for your shisha, solar lighters, clippers, electric, automatic, etc ... If you are one of those who lose the lighter, we have an extendable lighter holder, which once you use it will return to its original position avoiding losses or theft

Ashtrays and Trays

Last but not least, in Grow Shop Cogolandia we have a variety of ashtrays (portable, metal, glass, porcelain, with light, etc.) and rolling trays (of all sizes, motifs, RAW brand, etc.)

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