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What is a grinder?

In summary, the grinder It is a very practical pot grinder or grinder.

We talk about the accessory used to crush or shred cannabis into small pieces, making this task easier for smokers with a better result.

How grinders work

The grinder has two hollow parts that fit together leaving a cavity where to put the grass. Since there are steel nails or other materials in the cavity, it is responsible for breaking up the marijuana into pieces. You can do things like how to get pollen from the grinder passing it to the peta or heating it by making it a ball.

How to clean a Grinder

It is the best solution for undo the buds or dried flowers more easily for later consumption. And as you can see, it is very easy to know how a grinder is used.

It is essential because to make a joint you need to undo the bud and it is too resinous and hard as to do it by hand or with scissors. This would take much more time and discomfort than with a grinder, and the result would not be homogeneous or as good. That's where the grinders come in.

If you try to smoke undone grass by hand or with gringer, you will notice that the latter has more flavor and is more distributed. And besides, it will last longer. All are advantages.

Grinders, the best gift for smokers

Currently, there are a large number of grinders of different shapes, prices and modalities to adapt to the needs of each smoker. If you carry it by hand, you won't have to worry about knowing How to chop Maria without a grinder.

Therefore, it is an excellent gift for smokers at Christmas for being very practical and something that nobody else will have thought for the occasion.

Some gift ideas for grinders are:

    • Hand carved wooden grinder, for lovers of Hinduism and meditation for having the Om symbol.
    • Hand grenade grinder, with a very original shape is made by hand with good finishes. It has three parts and pollinator to store the resin.
    • Quick grinder, because it ejects its content quickly just by pressing a button for those who don't want to get complicated.
    • Grinder wrist watch, so you never forget it because it will always be "at hand".
    • Aluminum electric grinder, for the laziest because it works only with a button.
    • Un aluminum grinder Rasta 4-part color very original and practical.
    • Rubik's cube grinder, original and discreet. You just have to unscrew to open, and it also has a pollinator department. 
    • Grinder grinder pollinator 3-part made of material, with mesh to collect pollen or resin to make it easier to know How to get pollen from the grinder.

How to clean a Grinder?

If you want to know how to clean a grinder, you can do it in different ways, mostly manually and easily.

Yes, clean a metal or plastic grinder It is necessary to carefully scratch it with a knife and empty whatever falls. With a toothbrush or ear stick you can clean more thoroughly. If you freeze the grinder before, the result will be better. You can also clean with alcohol or Mary's tea. Simple right? Get one!