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An important part so that our cultivation of its fruits in perfect conditions, it is necessary to use a good substrate for the cultivation of marijuana. This product gives your plants the necessary nutrients so they can grow and live in perfect conditions.

Types of substrates for cannabis cultivation

The substrate for marijuana is vital whether you grow outdoors or indoors. If you use a low quality substrate, you will have a marijuana crop that brings you problems instead of benefits. Therefore, we recommend buying the best substrate for your plant.

Coconut fiber

It is a natural and ecological product which comes from the coconut shell. Thanks to its porosity and its storage capacity of both water and nutrients, this type of supplement is one of the most used among growers. This substrate is ideal for mixing with any type of soil or for use only in hydroponic crops.

Rock Wool

Rock wool, belonging to the family of mineral wool, is a material made from volcanic rock. Since it is a lifeless substrate, mixed nutrients must be used in the irrigation water for our marijuana plants to grow.


It is a siliceous material of volcanic origin extracted from the lava rivers. It has the function of aerating the soil, as well as retaining water and nutrients that our plant needs. Perlite can be used to mix with other substrates or for use in hydroponic cultures.

Expanded Clay (Arlita)

The expanded clay are small ceramic balls that have a porous internal structure. By placing a small layer at the bottom of the pots we prevent the water from being retained and rotting the roots. Thanks to this complement we will improve the drainage of the plants. This substrate is very popular because it is very clean and reusable.

Cannabis Substrates

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