The best odors treatments for marijuana of 2021

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What odor treatment to use in the cultivation of marijuana?

When we work with marijuana plants, we know that we are working with a living being that gives off a strong smell, especially when approaching its flowering season. Therefore, when working with these types of plants and which are also located in a small space, it is necessary that we have good ventilation in the area where we are going to grow them. Therefore, we have created this section so you can remove any smell without attracting the attention of the most curious.

Types of products to mask the smell of the crop

In this category you will find all the necessary elements to guarantee the discretion of your indoor crop. Get rid of any aroma that your plants give off without a trace, thanks to our odor treatment systems.

Carbon odor filters

Normally, what growers use to eliminate the aroma are odor filters. The coal in this system works by absorbing the smell of the crop and extracting it in clean air outside. This way you will get nobody to discover anything.

Air Fresheners

In Grow Shop Cogolandia we offer you a wide variety of air fresheners that manage to eliminate any smell without leaving a trace. It doesn't matter if you are a smoker or a grower, with the air fresheners we sell in our store you won't have to worry about the strong smell anymore.


Sometimes it is necessary to use several filters to be able to extract all the smell from our marijuana crop. If in our case, we have a larger crop, the ideal is to use ozonizers. The gas that these devices give off manages to eliminate any smell getting a clean and pure air.

Why buy this product in Grow Shop Cogolandia?

In our online store you can buy any of these products necessary to treat the air in your indoor crop. Due to the wide variety of products that come on the market, you may have certain doubts about which filter you can buy.

If this happens to you, don't worry. Grow Shop Cogolandia has a whole team of professionals at your disposal, which will be happy to help you with whatever you need. Ask us for advice without any commitment.

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