The hookah is an ancestral instrument that has been used by many cultures over the centuries and is known by different names. In addition to hookah, it can be known as water pipe, hookah, hookah, shisha or hookah. In Cogolandia, your trustedonline growshop, we are lovers of this ancient artifact and today we want to share with you its curious origin

The hookah has its origin in Asian countries like India or Pakistan

Today the hookah or shisha has spread strongly throughout the different countries of Europe and America. However, its origin is linked to the area where countries like India or Pakistan are now located. Here it was used a different artifact than the one we now know that has been redesigned as a consequence of years and years of evolution. The use of the hookah has always been very popular and used to be made with coconuts or other very rudimentary materials. Later, it was taken to Persia where it began its evolution. About 500 years ago it reached Turkey where it became very popular among the upper class and intellectuals. It was then that it continued its refinement until the modern hookah as we know it today. The hookah was initially used for the consumption of opium and hashish and later became standardized for the use of tobacco without any flavor or additives. As its popularity spread, other types of additives began to be added. They used to add honey or sugar to sweeten the tobacco. Over the years, flavored tobaccos were invented and the most common were apple, pear, grape and lemon flavors. The undoubted success of hookahs and this way of smoking is due to the social nature of their use. The hookah has always been a communal way of consuming tobacco or cannabis at parties or gatherings since it was popularized in ancient Turkey until today. Today the use of the hookah has become popular all over the world. We love it and in Cogolandia you can find different hookahs to enjoy alone or with company
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How to assemble bongs

Many people have found that, when they get a bong as a gift, they do not know where to place each part, becoming a headache. So that this does not happen, from Grow Shop Cogolandia we teach you how to assemble bongs so that you can enjoy the best moments in the company of your colleagues. First of all, when we open the box, we must make sure that all parts are in perfect condition before starting to assemble it. Hookahs (or shishas) are made up of the following parts como montar una cachimba
  1. Base
  2. Cazoleta
  3. Ash Dish
  4. Metal base with rubber to fit the bowl
  5. Hose
  6. Nozzle
  7. Hose connector
  8. Hookah body
  9. Air valve
  10. Rubber screw cap
When we make sure that everything is in order, we will get down to work

Steps to assemble hookahs

Step 1: The shisha body

The first step in assembling a hookah is to place its body (number 8) on the glass base (number 1). Other hookahs may be made of a different material than glass and we may have to unscrew the body to place the ashtray como mont

Step 2: The bowl

Next, place the ash pan (number 3) on the body of the pipe. This piece is basically used to deposit the metal tongs or charcoal ash como montar una cachimba

Step 3: Screw the base

The next step in assembling a hookah is to screw on the metal base with rubber (number 4) to be able to adjust the bowl so that it does not fall. This base is important as it holds the bowl in place como montar una cachimba

Step 4: The bowl

Next, we will take the bowl (number 2) and place it on the metal base with rubber. como montar una cachimba

Step 5: The hose

Depending on the number of tubes the shisha has, we will have one or more hoses. In this case, our shisha consists of a single tube that we will place in the connector for the hose (number 7) como montar una cachimba With this, we will have our shisha assembled. The next thing to do is to fill the base with water to make it work. Then we will place the tobacco in the bowl and we will cover it with aluminum foil. We will make some small holes in the paper. Finally, we will place the lit charcoal on the aluminum foil. You will see how it burns slowly so that you can smoke for longer

Types of smoking tobacco

In our paraphernalia section, next to the cheap hookahs, you can find a wide variety of flavored tobacco for hookahs. Different aromas and flavors so you can enjoy your hookahs in a different way.